5 Ways Hosting SNL Improves Personal Brand


We all know when a celebrity is in the midst of a scandal or looking to promote a new album/single/movie/TV show/play, they go on a media tour to all the talk shows and radio stations to improve their brand. What we sometimes don’t understand is the strategy behind which outlet they appear on. Most of it depends on their target audience and how they could potentially reach new fans, but at the same time, it depends on how light hearted they want the conversation to be. Do they want to show their vulnerable side and cry with Oprah or Katie Couric? Or do they want to be funny and hang with the Jimmy’s (Fallon or Kimmel)? Here’s why hosting SNL is one of the best options:

1. It makes them likable. 


Not only does it get their fans excited but it also address a potentially new audience and shows they are willing and able to perform live on TV. That shows talent and vulnerability which people of all ages and demographics typically respect.

2. It shows people that they are funny. 


Sometimes celebrities don’t have an outlet to show the public that they can be funny and silly (or they actually aren’t funny) but SNL gives them that opportunity. Which relates back to #1 because funny people are more likable.

3. They get to reveal their quirks.


No celebrity does this better than Jennifer Lawrence. She is constantly revealing her weird quirks which makes her more and more relatable each time. People like celebrities that they can relate to so this helps her brand image a lot.

4. They have a non-threatening platform.


They can use SNL as a platform to address a scandal or mistakes from their past in a non-threatening way. Justin Bieber got to talk about him getting busted for smoking weed without anyone grilling him about the situation. It was convenient for him because he still looked like a good person for addressing it and apologizing but did not have to prepare answers to respond to an intrigued journalist.

5. They can address their opinions on serious matters.


They can use SNL as a way to potentially address serious matters. Celebrities often talk about their opinions on talk shows as well but SNL gives them the opportunity to share their opinion about a serious topic in a non-threatenting, non-serious way.

Choosing the outlet for an influencer to appear on is a strategic decision. Next time you watch SNL, think of the host’s agenda and how they hope to improve their personal brand.

-Jenna Curran