Fall Fashion means Marketing Madness


Fall is the season where fashion businesses begin to bring out their autumn and winter apparel and accessories. This is an important time for these companies to market and sell their ideas so they have a successful season. Some popular marketing strategies are collaborations and endorsements. Although there are many other ways to market fall fashion, these two techniques bring the companies a new audience and potential customers.

A major way for fashion businesses to market to their audience is by collaborations. This is when companies work with other companies to reach a new audience and combine different fashion elements. A mass market brand can work with and make collections with a high fashion brand. This fall, Vans had a collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel. He worked with Vans to come out with his own line of shoes and clothing. This brings two distinctive audiences together.



Another beneficial way for companies to market their fall fashion trends is by endorsements. A way to find a new audience to target is using celebrities to endorse products or a specific company. The fans of these celebrities love them and trust their opinions on everything, including fashion. The use of the celebrity is advertisement for the company and showcases their products to all the celebrity’s followers as well. Some examples of companies who have utilized this technique are Coach with Selena Gomez, Alexander Wang with Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid, and Topshop with Beyoncé. These endorsements bring in interested customers who usually are not.


—Trevor Hayworth