Sports and Brand Image

First of all, let me say that unless I’m watching basketball, baseball or football, my reaction at any other sporting event is basically clueless Beyonce at Wimbledon. “Go Sports!”




That being said, I really don’t know a ton about football or basketball except that they’re really fun to attend. Big sports, like these, bring in a lot of people, spirit, and money. These are events that bring an entire campus together, that bring an entire community together. It could possibly even change a students life the way it changed this guy’s, just by holding up a sign (he ended up exceeding $24,000).

UNCW seems to be the only institution that doesn’t have a football team and that’s pretty, ya know…. not cool. But is it really? Although UNCW doesn’t have a football team, we do have a basketball team, and they have brought more spirit to the community than I’ve ever seen (starting two years, when they started winning).

The impact a winning team has had on our school is insane. Funding went up, attendance to games went up, our recognition went up. Seeing our school win a championship was something we could brag about. Our name was getting out and it was basically free advertising.

The impact sports can have on a schools image is something serious. There’s talk about wanting to have 20,000 students by 2020 (where are we going to fit them, I don’t know), but that task could be a little bit easier if we have winning titles to go with our name. People are going to want to come here. People want to be associated with winners.

Some of you are probably like, “yeah, we may not have a football team, but we do have basketball and they’re doing really great things for us.” Some of you are probably like this gif…giphy…trying to see the brighter side, but “nope, still not football team.”

Izchel Padilla