Fashionably Falling into the Trap

When I think of fall fashion, I think of spending way too much money on clothes and shoes.

One of the dangers of fall fashion is that even before the season starts, companies are all making sure that you know their new and improved styles that will be “in” this autumn. You are being marketed to everywhere you go, walk, sit, look- you get the point. A lot of times this repetition subconsciously (or consciously) makes you think you need these new and fashionable items.

Even if the ads don’t make you want these newest styles, they may just get you thinking about more things you need and want with this change of season. Seeing the new styles everywhere and more of your favorite cozy styles from the year before just naturally makes you want to get new things- even when you don’t need them. That’s human nature!

Now, let’s backtrack a bit.

It’s September and the apparel marketplace is making it known that summer is over and a cool, breezy fall is upon us. Time to change up the look!

But……………before you say your final goodbyes to the sunny, hot days of summer, you might as well pick up some summer clothes for next year while they’re at record low prices!

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And then, before you even start looking at the sweaters, pants, and jackets, you already have a pile of clothes in your cart.

I know this from personal experience. I love going shopping for summer clothes in September because that’s when you find the cheapest prices and best deals. But even though all of these items are at the lowest prices they will ever be, let me tell you…it adds up! I am always surprised at how much the total cost is. Then I remember that I need to save room in my budget for warmer clothes for the colder weather.

I know not everyone has the same experience as the one I just described, but I doubt that many people aren’t convinced or tempted by the advertisements and enticements to go out and get a little something new to wear to ring in the new season!

Just be careful once you get to the store not to get carried away like I do!

—Daley Reynolds