UNCW’s Brand

-Did you know that UNCW has almost twenty sports teams? While we may be a smaller university, our campus is overflowing with school spirit. Since the UNCW student body is sports oriented; there are always fans in the stands cheering on our fellow Seahawks. Therefore, UNCW’s brand is very much effected by how these teams behave and perform.


While UNCW does not have a football team like most universities, the students direct their energy toward sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball.


Sports help the university get their name out there. Due to UNCW’s men’s basketball team doing so well the last couple years, our school has gotten a great amount of publicity. According to Star News, “UNCW reported that men’s basketball is their highest revenue sport, with women’s basketball in second place”. The attention we have received has encouraged young adults to apply to our school while expanding our fan base.


Since sports teams do receive so much attention, it is important that these teams keep a clean reputation. Sports players are held accountable for their actions so that UNCW can keep its brand positive.

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Sports can also help students get out and meet new friends. Many freshman that live on campus love getting out and staying involved in team sports. In addition, it gets the parents talking at home and before you know it, UNCW has gained a new crowd of supporters!


While sports are something that our students, along with many others, have fun with and cheer for endlessly, the athletic department is also a program that represents our brand well. Sports are an important part of our culture as they give us all something to take pride in.


-Michelle Conrad