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-Did you know that UNCW has almost twenty sports teams? While we may be a smaller university, our campus is overflowing with school spirit. Since the UNCW student body is sports oriented; there are always fans in the stands cheering on our fellow Seahawks. Therefore, UNCW’s brand is very much effected by how these teams behave and perform.


While UNCW does not have a football team like most universities, the students direct their energy toward sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball.


Sports help the university get their name out there. Due to UNCW’s men’s basketball team doing so well the last couple years, our school has gotten a great amount of publicity. According to Star News, “UNCW reported that men’s basketball is their highest revenue sport, with women’s basketball in second place”. The attention we have received has encouraged young adults to apply to our school while expanding our fan base.


Since sports teams do receive so much attention, it is important that these teams keep a clean reputation. Sports players are held accountable for their actions so that UNCW can keep its brand positive.

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Sports can also help students get out and meet new friends. Many freshman that live on campus love getting out and staying involved in team sports. In addition, it gets the parents talking at home and before you know it, UNCW has gained a new crowd of supporters!


While sports are something that our students, along with many others, have fun with and cheer for endlessly, the athletic department is also a program that represents our brand well. Sports are an important part of our culture as they give us all something to take pride in.


-Michelle Conrad

9 thoughts on “UNCW’s Brand

  1. I agree that sports is a very big part of marketing the UNCW brand. I have seen more people in my hometown (3 hours from Wilmington) wearing UNCW apparel. I would ask them if they attend UNCW and they would reply “No, I know someone on the swimming team” or “No, they almost beat Duke and I hate Duke”. So sports is a very big part of UNCW brand.

  2. UNCW’s sport teams are definitely such a big contribution to UNCW’s brand. Our basketball, baseball and track/cross-country (and more honestly) teams have gained so much media coverage over the years that many view our teams as past under dogs who are thankfully being taken seriously. Sports is not our biggest branding though. Where we lack in sports we make up for environmentally. With the beach in such proximity and the cape fear river undergoing so many environmental changes, students have shown a growing amount of concern and call-to-action over the years. I find it very admirable that there are many organizations on campus that focus on the environment of not only UNCW but also Wilmington, the country and the earth.

  3. Wow! I had no idea UNCW had nearly 20 teams! That’s incredible. I was aware that we have a great baseball program and one of the best surf teams in the nation. We don’t have a football team but with the beach and several other teams to support who needs/wants one anyhow?

  4. Being a former student athlete, this article really hits home. In high school I played tennis. While I’m not sure how the fan base for high school tennis matches is across the state, I can tell you that in my little hometown it was next to nothing unless it was a big matchup. I can tell you that having people in your corner, supporting you against your rivals is something that generally makes you feel good and play better. Being a student athlete also gives you a bond with your teammates that lasts beyond the years you are playing together. I still have regular contact with people I played high school tennis with over 10 years ago because of the bond we established at a young age when we were teammates.

  5. I honestly had NO idea that there were so many sports programs at UNCW! This is too cool, I may even join a rec team for some extra fun and exercise. these articles you guys post are so helpful to new, uninformed, or out of touch students.

  6. You don’t always think of sports when you think of UNCW’s brand, so I like that this post focuses on how UNCW’s sports teams are a major part of how we are identified. Our school spirit, when it comes to sports, is something that even fellow Seahawks forget about sometimes, but it is there! I think that the fact that we do not have a football team definitely sets us a part and can be used as a part of our brand. One of the aims of IMC is being able to persuade by all means of communication, so it is important that all athletes are on their best behavior at all times to keep UNCW’s reputation consistent.
    The pictures included help show the enthusiasm of UNCW’s sports fans, but I feel like there could have been a little more information on how to actually get involved with the sports. Being a student reading the article, I want to finish reading and be able to take the next step to get involved with the athletics that is a part of my own school identity.

  7. I really enjoy how you discussed UNCW’s “brand” and what it represents. Even though we don’t have a football team, we still have a strong sports identity through Basketball and other sports. Being a huge UNCW basketball fan myself, I know this to be true for me. I love the fall and being able to attend every home game! Just like you said, “Sports are an important part of our culture as they give us all something to take pride in.”

  8. I agree with the point you made about parents being an immediate and new group of fans for college sports teams. When my older brother went to NC State, all of a sudden our household was a Wolfpack household. Now that my sister and I are at ECU and UNCW, my family will now be supporters of the Pirate and Seahawk athletic departments. This ripple effect extends from the school’s sports spirit, and will eventually influence those in homes far from the school. Such as my little brother, who now has connections to multiple universities and may likely acquire a connection strong enough to choose to attend one of the universities of his family.

  9. UNCW sports are like no other. We do have a strong fan base at a variety of the sporting events here on campus! It was an incredible experience to travel with the basketball team last year and watch them win in person. If you have not been to a basketball game I definitely recommend attending!

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