What To Do (And Not To Do) If A Hurricane Hits: Told By “It’s Always Sunny.”

From this October 13th-18th, the UNCW Department of Health and Safety will initiate a hurricane preparedness drill with an hypothetical Category 5 hurricane dubbed “Hurricane Zephyr.” If you are not able to participate in the Hurricane Zephyr drill, do not fear. You can still learn how to prepare for an incoming hurricane if it ever happens. The cast of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” will be helping out with some of the points made here in this blog.

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DO: Try And Leave The Area

The safest and smartest thing to do would be to leave town all together. This keeps you and those that are close to you away from any serious damage a hurricane could inflict. Prepare evacuation routes and have places you can stay at if you leave your home for safety.


DON’T: Stay And Throw A “Hurricane Party”

Do not stick around town just to throw a hurricane themed party at your place. Inviting a bunch of people over means your food, supplies, and whatever else is going to used up extremely quickly.


DO: Buy Necessary Food and Supplies

If you are unable to leave and plan to endure the incoming hurricane, restocking on food and other supplies is crucial. This includes bottled water, batteries, medical kits, duct tape, blankets, and matches to name a few. Having “awesome gear and an awesome hatchet” does not make your prepared to take on any storm.


DON’T: Turn “Surviving” Into “Looting”

During a crisis there can be a fine line between “surviving” and “looting.” Get and buy what you can that’s important to your health and survival. Don’t run off and steal flat screen TVs and electronics in the middle of the mayhem. Walking into a store with the intent to buy a loaf of bread and then running out with ski equipment is a big no.


If you plan ahead and be smart, you can correctly combat a hurricane and the damage it brings. To recap: try and evacuate, do not stay and throw a party. Get the important supplies that will make any place you stay at during the storm safe and livable; don’t take advantage of a frenzy and go on a shoplifting spree. If you have a bunker or a shelter, make sure it is stocked up ahead of time to avoid crowds of people that are desperate for supplies at the last minute.

-Ethan Schneier