Five Unique Places to Visit While in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington is a wonderful place to live because not only does it have wonderful main attractions but it also has places and things to do that are distinct to Wilmington, NC. Wilmington is full of rich history and character that is a must see. There are five unexpected places to help you experience Wilmington and all it has to offer.


The Oceanic Pier is a great place to go to when in Wilmington. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this is a great place to go when needing a break from the stress of college. It is a quiet and peaceful, where you get lost in the smell and sound of the ocean. Another great aspect is that the pier is free to everyone and it has its very own restaurant you can visit. Not to mention, there is  also a coffee shop and beach store across the street from the parking lot as well.

oceanic pier



Needing a little décor to spice up your dorm room or apartment? Ivy Cottage is the way for you. Antiques are brought from all over NC that are stored in three buildings and a warehouse for all to see and buy. They have everything you can possibly imagine at great prices. One of a kind objects that has a story and a charm of its own. You will get lost in the wonder and along the way be able to find an object or subject that represents you.

Ivy Cottage



Sometimes you just need a pick me up after a long day of classes, work, and assignments. The Dead Crow is a great place to go for getting rid of the blues and for putting on your happy shoes. Enjoy the relaxed and quaint atmosphere as you are entertained by the comedians before you. Food, drinks, and adult beverages are served to help make your experience more enjoyable. The Dead Crow is located in the heart of downtown Wilmington and so you will always be close to new and exciting places to experience once the show is over.



  1. THE END OF 421

Some challenges in life feel endless. However, what if I told you you could complete a challenge here in Wilmington? A once in a lifetime opportunity that you can always remember? That challenge is going to the End of 421, the actual END. The road turns into sand and disappears beneath you as you tread along. You are met with the sound of crashing waves and seagulls chirping. There are also little paths you can go on once you get to the end, and a hill that you can climb to everything surrounding you. It is a very beautiful and serene place.

END of 421



The Black Cat Shoppe is a place out of this world when it comes to finding exotic and unusual things. When you walk in you are met with old fashion toys such as witch fingers and all types of creepy crawlies. Magic sets and even a couple of Ouija boards can found, waiting to be bought. Soap and essential oils freshen up the room with fragrances out of this world. Go further in and you will find more interesting things that will remind you of what it was like to be a child again. Once you have found all your goodies and your tummies begin to rumble, feel free to visit the ice cream shop next door.

The Black Cat Shoppe

-Myranda Ross

2 thoughts on “Five Unique Places to Visit While in Wilmington, NC

  1. While I agree that these things make Wilmington unique and memorable to those visiting, I feel that there is one major attraction that is missing from this list – the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Memorial. Even disregarding the fact that the North Carolina is one of the most honored Navy ships in history, the battleship represents the character of the North Carolinians that fought to keep a beautiful ship that represented the finest of the U.S. Armed Forces had to offer in World War II, and the backdrop that the U.S.S. North Carolina provides is what makes our riverfront one of the most unique places in the Southeastern U.S.

  2. I really enjoyed your post simply because the list, in its entirety, included things that I had never heard of. I recently moved to Wilmington and it seems that every website suggests the same things over and over again. I am grateful to have heard something new to ad to my “must-see” list!

    Thanks for posting!

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