Top 5 Places to Do in/near Wilmington while in College

College can be full of stress, happiness, or sadness. Depending on what you are getting yourself into. I know one thing, it can be full of adventure. College is a great time to explore around our little beach town. You don’t need expensive flights to foreign countries to have these types of fun!

  1. Surfing 

It’s only appropriate that this activity is at the top of our list. I mean, come on, our campus is shy of 6 miles from Wrightsville beach! We also have awesome surf shops that can provide for all of your beach going needs. Simply going to the beach and catching a tan can be boring. Spice it up with a little bit of fun!


2. Riverside Fun

The next place that should be in your bucket list runs along the Cape Fear River. The Historic Downtown of Wilmington offers many attractions from guided tours, live music, nightlife, and FOOD. Experience and see the different vibe that downtown has to offer.

Image (2)

3. North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher 

The NC aquarium is not quite in Wilmington but it is within a drive-able distance. Definitely give this one a crack for you animal lovers. This aquarium does not only offers marine animals but also birds! They have Lorikeets in Lorkeet Land! Just imagine cute little colorful parrots.


4. USS North Carolina 

I got something special for you history admirers. If you feel like taking a stroll around our historic downtown isn’t enough. Then, get on board the USS North Carolina! This gargantuan of a vessel was one of the original ships used during the WWII


5. Camping at Carolina Beach 

If you are looking for a time to finally relax from site seeing, I recommend getting a couple or few friends around a bonfire on the beach. Beach camping is one of the best activities that Carolina Beach can accommodate.

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– Gilbert Niez