Humans of COM Studies: Ashby Burton

Meet Ashby Burton, a senior graduating in May of 2018 with a double major in Communication Studies and Business Administration-Marketing Strategy. Ashby started out originally as just a Business Administration major but soon realized after taking a few COM classes he wanted to dive in for more. It didn’t take Ashby long to figure out he wanted to concentrate in IMC because of how it incorporates marketing, advertising and public relations. Ashby says his favorite classes so far have been public speaking and IMC II. “Public speaking helped me to become more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd which is a crucial part of the job I have now. IMC II has also been a favorite because of the applied learning opportunities. It’s a lot of work, but the experience I am gaining through it is definitely worth it.” For those of you who don’t know Ashby all you have to do it show up at any sporting event and you will see him there cheering for the Seahawks! Ashby has served as the President of the Screamin’ Seahawks for 2 years and is one of the founding members of the Student Seahawk Club.


Ashby is not just on the sidelines cheering for the Seahawks but working behind the scenes for the UNCW Athletic Department as a Sports Marketing Intern. In this role he helps schedule UNCW mascot appearances, promote and develop the UNCW student-only fan rewards program (Team Teal), design campus outreach athletic marketing events, help with execution of in-game promotions and promotional night, and operate the Trask video board. “This position is helping me in my future career because marketing and promotions in college athletics is what I want to do full-time. This experience is invaluable as I get to do this as a student and am more experienced when I start my first-full time job”. Ashby’s dream job is to one day become an Associate Athletic Director for Sports Marketing at a Power Five School. With the applied learning opportunities Ashby is learning in IMC II, the hands on experience from his internship and the dedication and passion he has toward marketing there is no doubt the sky is the limit. “The freedom you’re given to pursue your interest in each class is one of the things I like most about the COM department. While everyone may receive the same assignment, you are individually free to take the assignment within your interest.” Ashby’s favorite professor is Brooklin Green who was his public speaking professor. Ashby says “the time she invested in me has helped me come out of my shell, become more comfortable and confident. She has helped students organize their thoughts and then deliver them in an impactful way”. I think it’s safe to say this is one COM major who is making the most if his major and time here at UNCW.


-Kayla Thompson