Life of a Parent (well not quite)…Fur Parent

When you don’t know if you are ready to be an actual parent, or maybe you are just lonely, be a fur parent! Dogs are great for tons of reasons. Owning one also has multiple benefits such as being practice for when you have kids, or being a substitute when you don’t want kids. Either way here are some reasons why you should get a dog, or just reasons of why dogs are their own kind of special.

1.You have the best cuddle buddy.


Never again will you sleep alone. If you need someone to hold at night; have no fear! Most dogs love to be held and loved (who doesn’t?) so they will never turn down a chance for you to show them affection.


2. Always greets you at the door.




Do you ever come home and have that feeling like something is missing? No one is there, no one cares, and no one appreciates the fact that you are home. Not when you have a dog. They wait all day for you to come back and play with them. Their day revolves around you and when you are home to spend time with them. A dog’s reaction when their owner comes home, is priceless. Nothing can replace that feeling for them, or for you.


3. Personal vacuum cleaner.

download-1.jpgEveryone hates it when they drop food on the floor. But nothing makes it worse than after you realize you just dropped a chicken tender with barbecue sauce, you now have to clean it up. Ladies and gentlemen I present you with the invention of the dog. He/she has now become your personal vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you, they will clean it ALL. Don’t worry about them not getting all of the sauce, because their job is to make sure that nothing is left. (Note: this does not mean that it is in any way, shape, or form okay for a dog to eat human food. Nor does it mean that it is a healthy alternative to dog food.)


4. Meaning you don’t have to.


Behind on vacuuming? You have a dog. Therefore it is such a good excuse for when your parents come over and question what you do with your life. Tell them “they just shed so much, I promise I vacuumed at the beginning of this week.” Works every time. What else works, is training your dog to help clean up! It is hard, but very doable. (Note: This post is not promoting violence towards any animal.)


5. Always have something to post on Instagram.


A dog parent’s Instagram feed is never lacking. It is hard to take a picture of a dog that you wouldn’t post. You want everyone to be interested in your pet’s life as much as you are. Now to clarify: this doesn’t mean you will have more likes; you just have more pictures to post.


6. You are never alone. Ever.


You are not alone when you get home, you are not alone when you go to bed, you are not alone when you are eating dinner, and you are not alone when you go to the bathroom. Granted some dogs have more of a separation anxiety than others, but you will most likely always have company and someone to talk to, even if they don’t talk back. Who wouldn’t want that?


7. Your parents have now become grandparents.


Think of it as practice for them as well. This gives you an excuse to buy them a(n) “I Love My Granddog” sticker on the back of their car. Grandparents of dogs means that now you always have a babysitter! Thanks Mom and Dad ❤


8. Always have a partner for Halloween. 


What is Batman without Robin? Or Mermaid Man without Barnacle Boy? What about Mickey without Minnie? No one can be without their sidekick or their partner in crime and life! Now you don’t have to be either. Whether it is Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, or Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas, you will forever be together.


9. Unconditional love


He/She/They will never love anyone else as much as they love you. You are the only thing that they live for and count on, without you they have no one. Even though animals can’t speak english, it doesn’t mean that they don’t show how much they love you. This post is focused on dogs but it applies to all animals no matter the species. Animals love unconditionally and that is something that cannot be replaced.


-Kristan Cottle