Humans Of COM Studies: River Bondurant

Being a COM major, I have really gotten involved on campus. Freshman year I began working with TealTV; UNCW’s student-run television production network. I started working with studio crew and have worked my way up to Vice President of the organization.
With connections from the Communication Studies Department, I recently got involved with the Office of University Relations, and I now work as a student photographer for the school. 
I originally came here for film, as do a lot of people, but as we know the film industry in Wilmington isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. Given those circumstances, I chose COM as it seemed to consist of similar, more applicable career options. 
I began taking classes working towards my degree freshman year when I took Dr. Weber’s COM 105 class in the spring of 2015. At first, I was terrified of the large class size, but I sat in the front row anyway. I worked really hard in that class and not to brag, but I ended up with the highest grade in that class, quite an accomplishment for a freshman! That class was when I fell in love with Communication Studies, and knew I was exactly in the right major.
Now, as a Junior, I focus on video production and photography taking courses like field video and studio production. I can’t wait to see where these great experiences with Communication Studies will take me in the future.


For more information on what TeavTV is and how to get involved visit this link! 



One thought on “Humans Of COM Studies: River Bondurant

  1. How weird of me to comment on a blog post about myself…
    I just want to say I am so thrilled that the IMC blog is featuring Humans of COM Studies! I attended Brandon Stanton’s lecture last Tuesday (and actually got to meet him, how cool)! I was so inspired by his lecture and the story of how HONY came to be what it is today. It was also very interesting how a lot of what he said ties back to IMC. For example, how he re-branded HONY three times! From being strictly photos, to photos with text, and then videos.
    I cannot wait to see what other humans from COM Studies will be featured on the blog!

    – River Bondurant

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