Jesse McCartney Partners with Motorola


As Jesse McCartney fever spreads across UNCW, many of us are reliving our preteen days back in the good old 2000’s. Limited Too was heaven, crocs were in style, and your first ever cell phone was your life.

Jesse McCartney was also everywhere on Disney Channel, appearing on shows like Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana. Setting up a pretty good brand for himself, he also appeared in commercials such as Walmart and advertising for Motorola.

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In McCartney’s music video for one of his songs “Shake,” Motorola shows off their new and improved flip phone. The video showcases the product for about 20 seconds, a solid amount of time for a music video.

Use this link and check out the product spotlight around the 1 minute mark:


Zoomed in specifically on the phone and shown in a variety of colors, the “Motorblur” also called the “flipout,” is a great example of product placement. Preteens during this time were a prime market for cell phones, so why not use a teenage heartthrob to market their product? AT&T also got a little shout out, just barely seen at the top of the cell phone screen as the service provider.

This is a great marketing strategy on Motorola’s part. The phone was at a reasonable price and came with a full keyboard, perfect for teenagers to text away.


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By Taylor Maloch