Campus Fa$hion on a Budget

Okay ladies AND gentlemen, as college students we all know what it means to be broke. We joke about it but most of us are serious when we say that we are literally scavenging for pennies between the couch cushions. You know who you are.


I am sure you all have plenty of clothing in your closets, but for some reason you never have anything to wear. Fellas, don’t act like you don’t know the feeling. I know you do.


Plus fashion is always changing and it is nice to feel up to date. Otherwise you have that moment when everyone around you is looking fresh but you just have on a t-shirt and jeans that definitely isn’t off-the-shoulder, or paired with a choker, nor are they high-waisted jeans, converses, or any other current trend.


Not all of us can afford shopping at boutiques like Hallelu, Island Passage, Bevello, Fedora, and etc.; even though we love them so much. Let’s get realistic, we are in college so we can get the job to afford those clothes.


Corporate brands such as American Eagle, Pacsun, Tilly’s, and etc. are somewhat affordable, but here is a tip: go to the clearance racks. Some of the greatest outfits have come from the clearance racks and there is no shame.


Let me tell you a little secret that not everybody knows…TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They are the world’s gift to college students. It is like a whole store dedicated to clearance on brands that can’t be afforded at full price.


If you don’t have time to go to the store, or you are sitting at the library trying to work on a paper but procrastinating like the boss you are; then there is always online shopping. Sign up for an Ebates account and shop the brands you love, while getting cash back every time you make a purchase. Also there are other online stores such as Romwe and Zaful which keep up with the latest trends but are for people shopping on a budget.


Impulse buys are a big NO when shopping, but stick to buying within these parameters and you wardrobe won’t suffer. There are places such as H&M and Plato’s Closet that gives you money back or a discount on future purchases for any clothes that you recycle to the company. It is a good way to clear out some closet space and earn/save money at the same time. Plus you won’t feel so bad about buying that jumpsuit you have been eyeing from Francesca’s.


There are also other ways to save on clothes such as keeping a lookout for sales. Hollister frequently has a sale going on for $25 jeans. If you are looking for any other stores that provide decent prices on quality clothes I would recommend Forever 21, a store that I have not mentioned yet. They are very good on keeping up with fashion as well as staying low on their prices but keeping quality on the front line. Also, every single one of the stores I have mentioned, carry a mens line. I am sorry fellas but once you are off to college, your mom isn’t the one that picks out your clothes anymore. If you have any questions, have advice, or would like to ad in a few stores, please comment down below and share!

Disclaimer: None of the stores or clothing that I mention are an endorsement or an advertisement. No one was paid in the making of this post.

– Kristan Cottle-