Why COM Studies?

As graduation comes up, I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I choose to be a communication studies major, and well, I didn’t. I came to UNCW as undecided, thinking I’d pick up a journalism or English major since those were my favorite classes in high school. I quickly found out there wasn’t a journalism major, and I wasn’t committed to 4 years of English classes. So, I did the obvious thing, I went to majors fair. I remember walking around, looking at all the tables and booths, not really moving toward anything until I heard someone call out to me. The communication studies table was there, and the man presenting engaged me in conversation. He started telling me all about the classes I could take, the study abroad programs offered, and the careers I could have with COM. To be perfectly honest, all I really heard was “you can study abroad in Sweden, and there aren’t a lot of required math courses.” Later that day as I prepared for registration, I thought about this experience and signed up for Interpersonal Communication with my UNI class.

Choosing communication studies as my major wasn’t really a choice, but a pattern I fell into. I took interpersonal communication, public speaking, Introduction to Communication Studies, research methods, and then boom, I was a COM major. I kept taking the classes because I found them fascinating, but I still had no idea what I wanted to do with this degree. Then, I took integrated marketing communication. This was the first class that really showed me where I was headed. I continued to take IMC and Advertising courses, and because of those, I was finally able to figure out what I wanted to do with my communication studies degree.

For me, communication studies was not a choice, but a path I was drawn into. It was the best thing for me, and I was still able to get an English minor.

Looking back on the day I graduated from high school, I had envisioned an entirely different future for myself. I never would have thought I’d be graduating with my bachelor’s degree in communication studies in only 3 years. I never thought I’d be married before finishing my undergraduate degree. I have had the most incredible experiences here at UNCW as a communication studies major, and my only regret is not sticking around to check out the new dining hall.


-Eva Mewborn