Hey, we’re not done yet!


We aren’t done yet. We still have exams, then the school year will be over and, with that, I’ll be walking and receiving my Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies… And then I still won’t be done yet!

We all have a lot more to learn. We all have a lot more to learn!! This is why my favorite COM core skill is intellectual curiosity. We all need to be ready to continue to learn for the rest of our lives.

It’s just in my nature to learn; I came to UNCW graduating high school as valedictorian of a class of nearly 300 students (Please never look up my valedictorian speech.. I hadn’t taken COM 101 yet!) I’ve never been a great public speaker or general communicator. I honestly find myself to be quite weak in most of the core skills. But one thing is for sure: I can learn. I can put forth my best effort to keep learning everything about communication and even if I never master it I will just keep going. And eventually I will improve.

Anyhoozle (A great term I learned from Miss Gentry), I’ve loved every moment of being here at UNCW within the COM department. I started my journey in COM with COM 101 – Public Speaking with Miss Olsen and I was welcomed into this Leutze Hall family with open arms. I had terrible social anxiety and could barely speak to anyone at the time, but being in that class began to turn everything around for me. COM really saved me.

I’ve got a long summer of learning planned ahead and I’m already ready to get started. Never forget your intellectual curiosity. We all have more to learn.

-Andrew Moody ’17