Taking the Leap Proved to be Worth It

It’s safe to say that before I came to UNCW and became a communication studies major, I was living with my eyes closed. It’s hard to put into words just how thankful I am that I decided to attend UNCW, but I’ll give it my best shot.

I will start with the university as a whole.

Not only is it located in a beautiful place geographically, just look at the campus, but it is filled with people who are dedicated to getting the most out of every student. Transferring from a smaller school, I have to admit I was worried at first about becoming just another number lost in the crowd. I would soon realize that this was far from the case.

UNCW proved to be the perfect place to learn and grow

Not only did I feel right at home here, but my belief that the education I was going to receive would be superior, was confirmed.

As a transfer student going from already being a COM major, to PCOM, and forced to take public speaking, I was not exactly thrilled about my decision to attend UNCW my first semester.

Those initial feelings of doubt could not be farther from how I feel now.

After getting through the gateway courses, I started to realize how much being a COM major at UNCW had to offer. Taking courses outside of my focus such as interracial communication and political communication, combined with courses such as IMC I and Advertising II, helped me gain a broader perspective of the world and a better understanding of how everything is connected.

In addition to providing me with this broader and better understanding of the world, it also made me think more critically about it.

Everything is not always as it appears and it is important to understand how to think for yourself. Every course I have taken here has addressed this mindset, and is something that UNCW and the COM department should take great pride in.

Not every university prepares students equally

As a-soon-to be graduate from UNCW, I am more prepared to start my career than I could have ever imagined. I will be forever grateful for this, but I am more grateful for how prepared I will be to better myself in all aspects of my life.

My eyes are now open, and I will do my best to understand all I see.

Brian Clifford ’17








13 thoughts on “Taking the Leap Proved to be Worth It

  1. I totally agree and relate to this. I am a transfer from the University of Alabama and I am so glad to have come to UNCW and find great people and a great environment.

  2. Brian,
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. It is comforting know how everything has been worth it for you now that you are at the end of your journey at UNCW as a COM major. I definitely believe I picked the right school to go to and the best major to be in.

  3. I CAN’T WAIT to get passed these gateway courses, so that I can fully experience and relate to what you mentioned above. I’m looking forward to what the Communication Studies Department has in stored for those majoring in COM. I can’t wait to finally learn about my concentration within communication studies.

  4. Brian,
    I agree with you a million percent because I have lived and attended 2 universities before i came to UNCW. I remember first coming here and I thought of how welcoming the environment and its people. UNCW also helped me better understand what i wanted to major in which is COM.

  5. I agree with you 100 percent! Ever since I changed my major and joined the COM department I feel like my professional skills have developed, and I have been more able to think critically about things. I also feel the support of the staff, they have shown again and again how dedicated they are to our education.

  6. Brian,
    I am on the exact same boat as you. UNCW was most definitely not at the top of my list for colleges. I was not happy being here my first few weeks but I couldn’t help but fall in love with UNCW and everything it has to offer. I wanted to transfer originally, but could never imagine not getting my degree here at UNCW. It’s in a wonderful location and everyone here seems to always be in the best of moods and so helpful. I’m glad you and I both got to experience UNCW in the same ways.

  7. I’m so happy that I decided to become a COM major. Dr.Webber is by far the best professor I have ever had and I feel fortunate to be taught by someone like himself.

  8. I completely agree with you. As an exchange student I had the chance to spend only one semester at UNCW, but I wished I could have stayed longer. I was really worried at the beginning of the semester, but now If I look back I can see how this university played a major role in my academic and personal growth!

  9. Brian,
    Great post! I agree that not only is our campus beautiful, but also the minds of those that are here. At UNCW you get the benefits of both college and living by the beach. What could be better? I, too, was living with my eyes closed before I chose to be a COM studies major. After completing the gateways and entering into the 300-400 level courses, I now have a better understanding of who I am as a person and what I want to achieve in the future. Friends and family have seen such a positive growth in my person and it feels good to know that the hard work is paying off. Good luck to you, Brian, as you leave paradise and enter the real world. I hope the preparation pays off.
    Dillon Guenther

  10. UNCW was my number one choice for its simple yet exciting atmosphere. COM was never my top choice but when I started to realize how important it was to society it made me have a greater respect for the major. After taking COM courses such as COM 301 and COM 305 it made me completely fall in love with COM. Everyday seems like a new adventure with this major and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

  11. Reading your post completely inspired me to make the most of my time here a UNCW and really immerse myself in my COM courses. After reading your post I made me even more confident in my decision to be a COM major and I look forward to making the most out of my major just like you did.

  12. UNCW is one of the best places to go to school. Why? because of what you just said. You get the prestige of a University and all the amenities like tutoring and advising that is offers. However if you choose to be a COM major, You get professors that really care about the course subject and they really care about getting you ready for the real world; that’s priceless.

  13. I really enjoyed reading this! I have had a very similar experience here at UNCW and couldn’t be happier that I came here. Also, being a Communication Studies major has helped me improve the skills that I already have and also how to ethically and effectively communicate. This department is filled with excellent staff and a lot of really awesome students!

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