The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle

When I first got to UNCW I made a bucket list of things that I wanted to do before I graduated. The list had 32 items that I thought would round out my entire college experience: study abroad, join a club, take a surf lesson, etc. While I never learned how to surf, I have very few regrets about my time as a seahawk.

giphy1I guess you could everything started when I joined TealTV, UNCW’s student-led production network. Here, I discovered a passion for marketing, made life-long friends, and gained marketplace and leadership experience. From here, I decided that communication studies was the only major that was right for me. I chose classes that not only interested me, but challenged me. I networked with my peers and professors. I learned how to be confident in the classroom. I learned when to step up, and more importantly when to say “NO” and take time for myself.

I worked really hard throughout my college experience. Like, I worked my ass off. I was the president of two student organizations, I worked part-time, and somehow still managed to re-watch the entire series of The Office nine times. Impressive, right?

I’ve always had a plan A, B, and C. But sometimes you find out that your plans aren’t the paths that you need to be on, or even necessarily want to be on. If you had asked me two months ago what I wanted to do after graduation, my answer would have been “find a job and move into my own place.” Graduate school was never the plan, until I went to a graduate school panel. My future did a complete 180, and after one week I was writing my statement of purpose, studying for the MAT, and pestering professors for recommendation letters.

You never know where life will take you. I certainly never planned to apply to graduate school, have to move back home for the summer, or be a camp counselor again. Hey, life happens. Am I right?


With 19 days left until I walk across the stage, I only completed half of the items on my bucket list. But, I don’t regret anything and I am so excited to see where the next few days, weeks, months have in store for me. Thank you UNCW for being my home for seven semesters and for changing me into the woman I am today.

“‘I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – Andy Bernard, The Office

Kyndall DySard, Class of 2017