Temptation, by Daniel Akst, discusses how we live in a time of unlimited access. Contact with nearly any person is available with the touch of a button. Food, delivered right to our doors, are fattening us up more than ever. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are still rampant in society. More than half of all deaths in the United States can be attributed to overindulgence of some sort. Hearth attacks and diabetes from food. Cancer from cigarettes. Organ failure from alcohol.

Despite this, Americans continue to consume more than we ever have before. Our consumption is unchecked, and we show no signs of slowing down. Its starting to have some dramatic effects.


As you can see from the chart, our gluttony has increased exponentially over the last few decades, and it affects much more than just our physical health. Suicide is higher than ever in developing countries. Our ability to handle finances responsibilities has faltered, as debt continues to increase. Technology has decreased our ability to focus, and increase our ability to consume, and it’s had some serious side effects. We are more likely to procrastinate and commit, are ability to communicate socially has suffered.

So I know this has been depressing to read, but there are ways to fight this! Remove willpower from the situation if possible. We suck at fighting urges, so removing the urge it;s the first step. Also, surround yourself with human connection. we are much more honest with ourselves when we are around people that we consider close. Finally, set a routine. If we follow our routine, it makes it much more difficult to break.

I recommend this book to anyone who finds themselves falling into bad habits, like me and my issues with unhealthy food (Pizza and Cookout).  Like I stated earlier half of all deaths could be prevented. Don’t be another statistic! Fight! What are some temptations you find yourself falling into, and what can you do to help yourself? Also, what are some ways to ethically advertise and market products that can fall under this category or addictive substances?