Don’t Miss Out On This Event

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UNCW’s Lambda Pi Eta presents a graduate school panel TODAY Wednesday, March 22nd that features representatives from three communication-related programs in North Carolina. The three panelists include:

– Elon University’s M.A. in Interactive Media.

– NC State’s M.S. in Communication.

– East Carolina University’s M.A. in Communication who also offers a graduate certificate in Health Communication.

The meet and greet will take place before the panel at 6:00 pm and the panel will begin at 6:30 pm. The panel will be held in the big lecture room on the first floor of Mcneil, room 1051. This will be a great event and we hope to see a big turnout.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Miss Out On This Event

  1. So, I missed this event (unfortunately)! But, Dr. Persuit invited the speaker from Elon University to our IMC class. Though I’m not in the creative part of the communication field, I thought her presentation was very intriguing. Specifically, the timeline in which you can graduate with your M.A. degree.

  2. Thanks for sharing-
    I attended this panel and I must say it was incredibly interesting. I have not ever seriously considered grad school but hearing about all of the different opportunities out there drove me to give it a second thought. I would advise anyone who has the chance to attend a panel such as this one.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe that I never heard about this event until now. I would have loved the opportunity to be able to get advice from fellow students who are becoming masters of my major. I wonder, why wasn’t it publicized more? Oh well, all I can say is that I hope that more events like this and Communication Studies Day (which I attended) keep being created, because I personally love this kind of stuff. Here’s hoping that next time I’ll be able to attend!

  4. In my IMC1 class, there was a guest speaker from Elon who was talking about the Interactive Media. I think that it is such a cool opportunity and experience to part take in. I like that students can pick what topics they want to study and that they have a client that needs help marketing/getting their name/brand/website improved and that you’re able to help them with that as well as have a product that you can see and show off to potential bosses.

  5. I’m sad I had to miss this event! I’m very interested in the Interactive Media program at Elon, I loved the presentation the representative gave to my IMC class. Really wish I could’ve been at this event to get more information on the programs.

  6. I really enjoy that our department hosts events like this; not only does it give us COM majors the opportunity to ask questions from actually professionals, it allows us the chance to see what all is capable with a degree in Communication Studies and opens a door to many possibilities. I really wish my other major would do more of these kinds of events so that I can network and find ways to break into English related jobs, however, I know I can at least do this with the COM department.

    I also have never considered graduate school before, but since someone from Elon University’s M.A. program in Interactive Media came to my class to speak, it seems more like a viable option if I decide i need more schooling to get the kind of job I desire.

    Casey McAnarney

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