Facing Your Fear Factor!

This is the 15th annual Professional Dress Fashion Show that we have had at UNCW. This year, the theme of the COM Studies Day Fashion Show is: “Facing Your Fear Factor”.  The theme focuses on the challenges you may face when trying to get a job offer.

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During the show, a prerecorded skit will play that was produced by Com Studies majors. The fashion show gives you different ideas and styles on how to dress either professionally or casually around the workplace. At the show, there will be raffle prizes that you can win that includes a ticket to Jason Derulo at the Azalea Festival.

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So come on out this Friday to the Warwick Ballroom at 12:15 to see a fantastic show!

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24 thoughts on “Facing Your Fear Factor!

  1. I attended this event with two of my classmates. We had a great time watching the show and we all won raffle prizes! I think the COM department did an excellent job hosting the event and students were able to gain valuable information from the various events held throughout the day. The fashion show was fun and informative and I look forward to the next COM Studies Day.

  2. This is so cool – I hadn’t heard about the fashion show but it’s such an awesome idea! I know it was hard for me to pick my first Interview outfit so this is a great way to show different styles that people can use.

  3. I really love the idea of this fashion show! After being in IMC 1 during our poster session day, I saw so many people dressed so unprofessionally, I really think this fashion show should be mandatory for all communication studies majors.

  4. I really like the idea of the skit and fashion show. Although I wasn’t able to attend, I see great value in it. It is important as we enter the workforce to be able to dress to empress. As they first impressions are everything and thats what this show helps out with. The presentation of this blog advertising for it is very nice. I think the memes are very effective in drawing in the audiences attention.

  5. The fact that I have never heard of this event is disappointing! I feel most college students could use some help in knowing what to wear in certain professional situations. Personally, I have seen students embarrass themselves by wearing unprofessional attire when expected to wear the opposite and I feel this event could help straighten out their confusion. These are the things that can either make or break you when trying to get a job or career and I think it’s awesome that we have something like this that will benefit us in the near future.

  6. I wish I was able to attend this event, even though I would have been able to receive extra credit in two of my COM classes, I had plans already set for the day. Recently, I have had to dress business causal for several COM presentations and events and I always find myself shifting though my closet looking for things that would be appropriate but now knowing what is and what is not. Being able to attend the Fashion Show would have cleared these blurry guidelines for myself, a serious bummer that I could not make it….maybe next year!

  7. We had a great time at the fashion show. We even won raffle prizes, score! I thought it was a fun event and I liked the facts about interviews the presenter was reading off as people walked down the runway.

  8. I can’t believe I missed the show.. I think it is a really cool idea to show people how to dress properly because I feel like there is a lack of interest in the specific area. Was the fashion show successful?

  9. That is incredible! What a great spin to a COM studies event, a fashion show is much needed and will be incredible to see what its like to face the “fear” of interviewing for jobs, I know I don’t stand alone when I say its quite intimidating. Cant wait to go!

  10. I always enjoy the fact that the COM department hosts a fashion show for students to know how to properly dress for interviews and professional jobs. It is a great tool for students to take advantage of because I don’t think a lot of students my age are actually aware of what is business appropriate.

  11. I loved the fashion show! I haven’t had many professional job interviews yet, but this really prepared me for when I do. Interviews that I have had in the past in high school were serious but I wouldn’t say they were serious enough to dress up in heels, dress pants, and a blazer. I will now know exactly what I need to wear when being interviewed for a job right out of college and I am so glad that I attended this fashion show on COM studies day.

  12. I wish i could have participated and came to com studies day! I was out of town, but heard it was super fun and great.

  13. I thought this was informative, though I missed the event. It made it applicable to all and showcased all the show had to offer. Also bonus points for the Zoolander gif also!

  14. The fashion show was awesome!! Some people struggle with the differences between business and business casual and don’t necessarily know what is appropriate. This was a great, fun demonstration of what to wear.

  15. I enjoyed looking at the GIF’s I think that was a nice touch. The content was well delivered as well it made your post appealing and casual. Two qualities that I find to be beneficial for this post in particular.

  16. I think that the fashion show was a great idea. It was an opportunity for those who are curious as to what is appropriate to wear to future job interviews. I think it is very important that you are dressed for complete success when approaching someone you are possibly wanting to work for, it shows ones professionalism. I like the name of the fashion show.

  17. I already missed this event, it looks like it would have been a great one to attend. I enjoyed the memes that were chosen for this, very eye catching!

  18. The last picture defines me when I walk to class everyday: prepared and ready to face the day. Dressing for success is definitely a must in the real world. Jobs will be looking for professionalism and class when trying to find potential candidates. If one is scared to face their fears and is nervous about the job, dressing nice and putting on your best clothes is a great way to show that you have some confidence and can get the job done!

  19. Through becoming a com major I have found so many opportunities for me to expand my network of friends and work life. I love learning about all the different activities on campus they have to offer. Thanks!

  20. That’s a great idea for a theme for a fassion show. It is something that you can have a bit of fun with but also help you in your future.

  21. I think this is super creative and such a good idea for an event. This is something that will really help students out when it comes to the segueing into the professional world because not everyone is familiar with workplace or interview attire. Dressing lessons aren’t really something we’re taught in college so its nice to have an event like this to give some guidance. I didn’t get to attend this year but definitely hope to next year!

  22. Love the idea of a professional/education fashion show! We learn so much valuable information from the COM department at UNCW, even the day to day dress code in the workplace during COM Studies Day. It’s proven that when you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’re more confident in your work and your communication with others in the work place. It can be vague to some people what business and business casual actually entails, and this takes the guess work out of looking professional and being taken seriously in how you dress so that you can also wow your potential employer with your resume! Love this portion of COM Studies Day.

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