What is COM Studies Day?

COM Studies Day March 24, 2017

Who is ready for COM STUDIES DAY?!!!?! Well if you are, here are a few tips to navigate the event. First and foremost, it is on Friday, March 24th. There are ten panelists that will have a discussion about their careers in the field at 10 AM. But don’t you worry, because if you miss it or have class during that time, they are having another discussion at 2 PM. After each discussion, there will be a 1 hour networking session that you will be able to walk around and talk to the panelists and maybe some other students that are looking to go into the same field that you are. Also during the day, there is a COM Studies Day Fashion Show that highlights appropriate attire to wear to either interviews or even jobs once you get one. The fashion show will have all different types of outfits ranging from business casual to business professional. During the fashion show, there will be a skit that was recorded by some COM studies majors that highlights the importance of networking and interviewing for jobs.

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Now you are probably thinking that this is fantastic and all, but what are some other reasons that I should go to COM Studies Day? Well, it is great to go to because if you are unsure of what you would like to do when you graduate, the panelists that come to talk are from all different aspects of the major. Listening to what their job is like could help you figure out what you would like to do. It could also make you realize that you like some other concentration that you have never been involved in. This is also an event for everyone, you do not have to be an upperclassmen and you don’t even have to be in the major to attend. So stop by Leutze Hall next Friday and be ready to beCOMe inspired!

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13 thoughts on “What is COM Studies Day?

  1. “beCOMe inspired” is so cute! I wish there were some events after 2pm for the working population. The fashion show sounds really interesting/entertaining. I am disappointed this is the first time I have heard about it. Very informative article!

  2. So I consider myself to be the biggest failure at networking ever. During the 1 hour networking period, how do we conduct ourselves? Is there a dress code or appropriate attire to wear to any of these sessions? Any help that you can give me is appreciated, because when I go to events like this I end up floating around awkwardly without accomplishing anything. Thanks for the info on the event, because most of my instructors have been a little nondescript about it.

  3. Before reading this I was unsure of what Com Studies Day entails, I have never been before so this year will be the first time attending for me. Thanks your summary of the day I feel more prepared and excited for it! Do you have an suggestions on what kind of questions to ask the panelists to really grasp a feel for their jobs in the short amount of time we have?

  4. As intimidating as Communication Studies Day sounds, it seems really important especially as an individual who hasn’t a clue what she wants to do after graduation. Seeing a break down of the day relieves a little bit of anxiety (thank you) and prepares me for what is ahead. I will definitely be attending Communication Studies Day!

  5. This was really helpful in explaining and clarifying what Communication Studies Day is. I had some idea of what to expect however, I have never attended so this article was great in showing me what to expect and why it is so important to go. I also really liked how you first explained what it was and then told us why it was important for you to go. Thank you for sharing this information, I really look forward to Communication Studies Day now!

  6. For the past two years I have not attended COM Studies Day. I was always so unsure of what it was and felt that it was hard to find information about it. This post was very informative and interesting and made me want to go! I think that this post should be put all over so that people can see what it is and be able to take part in all the opportunities it brings!

  7. I have never attended COM Studies Day, but really need to and have been meaning to do so. I am one of those students who does not know what I want to do career wise and going to COM Studies Day could definitely relieve some apprehension that I am having about the next step after I graduate. I am very excited to attend COM Studies Day this year!!

  8. I have also never attended COM Studies Day, but this year I plan to attend because I want to make the most of every opportunity I get to succeed in the major. I think that by going to COM Studies Day I will be able to have a better idea of what I want to do with the major and help me deiced on a career. Overall, this post was very interesting and I am excited to see what opportunities COM Studies Day brings this year!

  9. This will be my very first time attending COM studies day, and after reading your blog post I can say I am really looking to it. I personally am not sure what career I would like to do in the Communication Studies field so I am excited to talk to those experienced and hopefully they can help me get an idea of which route I would like to take.

  10. I have never been to COM Studies Day, but I have heard a lot about it this semester. I am glad you wrote this post giving an overview of what it consists of because honestly I was a little clueless. After reading your post, this event seems like it would be very helpful for me. I have no idea what I would like to do when I graduate, so hearing from the panelists is looking very exciting for me. I can’t wait to beCOMe inspired!!

  11. I think its awesome that there are people who have been in our situation and are willing to come back and lead us in the right direction. I never really knew what I would expect at COM Studies Day but I feel I have a good understanding after reading this post. To be able to meet and speak with people about our careers can be beneficial in the near future. I look forward to networking with everyone.
    -Dillon Guenther

  12. Just a word of advice to future students looking at the agenda for Com Studies Day, and are a little nervous about attending, it is so worth going to! You learn so much and you will leave feeling inspired. I was a little nervous about going because I was afraid I was going to be put on the spot during the discussions or during the networking session but it was not what I expected at all! You will not regret attending.

  13. It is so great that these panelist were willing to come to the university to share their stories and experience of University and career life. I was disappointed that I couldn’t join in the festivities and hopefully next year will be a different story. Perhaps an idea would be to offer the panelists speeches on video so that those who couldn’t attend could hear the valuable advice they had to offer.

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