How Brands Aim to Advertise Over Spring Break

If you go to any popular spring break destination city such as Miami, FL, Panama City Beach, FL, or even Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, you will probably encounter some sort of company trying to get you to purchase their products.


Companies for years have spent money and time targeting college students. In an article by The New York Times titled: “Marketers Follow the Flock to Spring Break,” it states: Marketing to students on spring break used to be simple: a company would set up a stand on the beach, hand out product samples and let the message spread itself. But now, spring break has become a stage for increasingly expensive and sophisticated advertising campaigns.” This is because companies are now moving to a more interactive advertising campaigns  to get students to hear about and use their products.


These campaigns include throwing parties, sponsors of popular events, and ensuring that their products are on every social media platform during spring break. Through the years, companies have learned that by associating good memories with their product, people are more likely to use their products.


For example, in the article, it mentioned how brands like Axe are now hosting parties where they are giving out popular products such as: hair shampoo, deodorant, and perfume. This allows college students to create a positive and inviting memory of their product so when they have a choice between Axe and something else, they are more apt to choose Axe.
Brands have targeted college students during spring break because of their popular demographic, and they will continue to because of how much retribution comes from making students aware of each and every one of their products.

images provided by: studentuniverse , frat music  , and wikipedia 

—  Stephanie Spencer