Non-Profits of North Carolina

Hello everyone! Today let’s recognize just a few companies who exist not for profit, but rather to help out those within their communities here in North Carolina.

The Hope Center of Wilmington is a non-profit that helps the less fortunate, unsheltered individuals in the community to find homes and shows them how to do important life tasks that they may never have the chance to learn otherwise. They share food with local individuals who experience homelessness on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Opportunities to donate or volunteer time are offered online.

paws4people is quite a unique organization with many locations throughout North Carolina that helps to provide assistance dogs to those with various physical, neurological, and even psychological and emotional disabilities. These dogs are highly trained by volunteers for various purposes to help those in many communities. paws4people believes that all children with disabilities should receive treatment as good as any other individual and should be treated as clients. In their mission statement they believe that these clients should be like family.

Unlocking Silent Histories while headquartered in Austin, TX has chapters located in both Guatemala and Pembroke, NC. They strive to provide indigenous youth of their communities with learning opportunities and encourages them to provide the world with the histories of their community and their heritage. The youth in these communities are taught leadership skills at a young age so that they can lead in expressing themselves. They are taught creative skills and digital skills so that they can create documentaries that tell their stories, and they can then share those stories with peers and with others around the world.

We should all do our part to volunteer at organizations to support our communities and help make the world even just a little bit better.

Tell us about some of your non-profit experiences down below!

Andrew Moody ’17