It’s a SAD Day


blog1 Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we can get down to the real celebration of the season: Single Awareness Day, or SAD. A dedication to all the single people out there, sick of the holidays and searching for a break from the commercialism that is Valentine’s Day.

With no evident background explaining why Valentine’s Day is the cheesy, romantic holiday we all know and endure, the media has flourished coming up with its own meaning and traditions. The day itself cannot be pinned down to a single event, all we know for sure is that it is a mix of Roman and Christian traditions. The Catholic Church recognizes three different St. Valentines, each carrying their own legend. It is a holiday with a mysterious history, yet it is deemed the day of love.

Single Awareness Day has its own history, believed to be started by a college student at Mississippi State University. It became prominent on social media year after year on Valentine’s Day, but was recently changed to February 15th in order to give it its own celebration. Single Awareness Day is now officially a national holiday!blog2

According to the website,, suggested activities for this celebratory day include sending yourself flowers, partying with other singles, and exchanging gifts with single friends. And don’t forget to wear green, the complementary opposite of red, or black if you want to symbolize your absence of celebration.


For all the single people out there, you made it through another over-sentimental Valentine’s Day. Now is the time to assemble with your single friends, and buy the discounted chocolate. Being single is not a curse, but a celebration of independence and empowerment. That is what Single Awareness Day represents.


-Eva Mewborn