Best Day Ever Followed by Worst Day

Today is an important day. It is the most important day in the world for many girls and other people who watch the show Parks and Rec. February 13th is officially known as Galentine’s day. This is a special holiday for girls to get together, hang out, and appreciate each other. As a boy, I am a little bit jealous that there is not a Guyentine’s day. I am pretty positive the only reason for this is because of the name, it just doesn’t have the same flow. Galentine’s Day is a time to be with friends because tomorrow you will see all the posts on Instagram and Facebook of what couples got each other and while most of it is lame, some of it isn’t and you deny liking it because you don’t want to seem jealous. Then you sit in your apartment or house by yourself and watch something on Netflix that will take your mind off of being lonely. Galentine’s day is a feel good holiday for single people before their spirits are torn down 24 hours later. So instead of scoffing at people holding hands tomorrow, celebrate today with your friends… and then stay inside all of February 14th.

-Bryan Murray