I’ve always wanted to say thank you to my “haters.”  You know who I mean? The people who said I couldn’t do it. But you know what? Every single person I’ve encountered in my two and a half years at UNCW has been welcoming and inspiring on a daily basis. I’ve met so many friends during my time at UNCW, from playing basketball at the recreation center, or walking to class and playing Frogger across College Rd. It has been a wonderful time here and I’ve learned so much. Today I made my last walk down Chancellor’s, dealt with the iPrint system for the last time, and walked to my car in the library lot (where I didn’t get a ticket) for the last time. Each one of these things has been a part of my life for the last couple years and while I will miss them dearly, I am also ready for the next chapter. The blog below this one asked about the dreaded “So what are you doing now?” Guess what? I’m figuring it out, we’re all figuring it out and I’m positive that I will be happy and successful. Don’t let someone tell you to take the first job you find; Find the job that is right for you and can make you happy. A wise man once told me that you know you have a good job when you are pulling up beside the person next to you during your commute and you want to tell them where you are going. That’s the job we should all aspire to find.


But I digress, I did it, we did it, it’s almost done. Saturday’s coming fast and then what do we do Monday? Grind. Keep grinding like you have been for the past however long. If you can make it through this or if you’re in the process of making it through this than don’t quit. Whether you have seven more semesters or one more semester keep working hard and ignore the people who don’t have positive things to say.


-Doug Bell