The Big Question

I have enjoyed all my time here at UNCW, and the end of my final semester arrived before I knew it. It finally hit me when I walked out Leutze Hall for the last time as a student that graduation was almost here. I have to say that I am incredibly happy to be graduating. But, also a little nervous as well. As I get ready for the big day, getting my cap and gown ready, inviting family to the ceremonies, there is one thing lingering in the back of my mind. The lingering thought in my mind is, how will I answer the question that I will inevitably be asked hundreds of times in the next few weeks. What are you doing now that you have graduated?

This question while simple in nature has a lot of meaning behind it. While I feel pretty confident in my response to this question, it really puts you on the spot, and you run the risk of embarrassment if unable to give a slick response. More importantly when asked this question it really makes you think hard about your upcoming career choices and professional plans. However, when explaining your plans to someone else it might make your path even clearer for you.



As I leave UNCW with both my Communication Studies degree and plenty of fond memories I will leave one piece of advice behind for fellow students. Be confident and happy with the choices that you make on an every day basis, because at the end of your college career its these small choices that add up to define who you really are.


— Kevin Latshaw, Class of 2016