Say Yes to Voting

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Voting for the next President of the United States is a BIG DEAL! Some people are not even registered to vote, some people just don’t care, and some people just are lazy and are go with the flow. WELL…. HELLO it’s your duty as an American Citizen that you should vote. We should be glad that we have the freedom, both men and women to vote! Take advantage of your right! It’s a great time to be alive. Say Yes to voting!

Semiotics are used in political slogans and advertisements to try to grasp the attention of their audiences. For the most part these things do work, yet some people still do not even make the time to vote.

So, here are 8 reasons why you as an American citizen should go vote:

1.You get a Cool Sticker to Show Your American Pride!



2.Your Vote Counts!


3. It’s Your Civic Duty!


4. It is an American Freedom!


5. If you Vote, You Can’t Complain!


6.It Makes you Feel Like an Adult!


7.You Are Not Just Voting For the President, You’re Voting for America!


8.Every Vote Matters!


25 thoughts on “Say Yes to Voting

  1. I love love love this article. I am personally so tired of hearing, especially from younger generations, how our vote does not really “matter.” Of course it matters. Every vote, every debate sparks new ideas and creates new conversations that can lead to major change! This is our country, and part of becoming a real adult is taking civic and social responsibility (which includes voting!) Don’t worry, I already voted. Now all that’s left is to annoy all my friends until they do the same.

  2. I totally agree with this article. some people do not understand politics or do not even care to. It bothers me. Because the decision you make to vote which may seem small, but it is your duty as an American. This is what democracy is all about. Everyone should understand politics or at least pay attention to what each candidate or side stands for. Do not be ignorant to certain ideas or candidates based on what your family or friends think. Pay attention and watch what the running candidates are saying and form your own opinion.

  3. I can really appreciate this article because being a 21-year-old female who recently became more involved and educated on politics, I have realized how crucial it is to do your duty as a citizen and go vote! Just today, I have asked numerous people if they have voted and about half of them said they aren’t voting either because they were too late to register or because they don’t like either candidate. This just aggravated me because as citizens we have a voice but they chose not to share that voice. I also appreciate this article because I can relate to the funny memes since I love getting the little “I Voted” stickers!

  4. Love this article! All of the reasons to vote are so accurate. I was just thinking today about how cool it is that us American’s get to cast our ballot and be loud and proud about it if we want. I am pretty politically involved so I find it bizarre that some people in this country don’t even care enough to vote! I’ll never forget when I turned 18, I immediately went to vote for a small scale poll just because I finally had the right to vote!

  5. I as a millennial agree with your point that it is important to vote but this particular election in general have been a difficult one. For someone who is not particularly in either party. from an outsiders stand point both presidential candidates seem like a bad choice. Historically the 3rd party has never won, so what is the point of voting when the one that is liked by an individual has a 0% chance of winning?

  6. This article was well-written. The style was set and meant to reach millennials and I think the point came across very well. Often times I hear friends or other students saying that their vote does not count or their vote does not matter but it truly does and articles like this make that obvious to our generation. Great job with this!

  7. After waking up this morning (the day after the election) I could not agree with you more. My Face Book feed is blown up with angry Americans, however, my question to them is “did you vote?” Like you said voting is not only important but it is our right as citizens, leaving them no room to comment if they did not vote themselves. People died in order for us to be able to vote and it is something we should be proud of. I walked out of the government building happy that I had exercised my right and wore my sticker all day.

  8. I LOVE this! I totally agree about voting being a big. Growing up I have always heard my parents say it is our american and civil duty to vote and that it is so important. I can’t imagine someone feeling like there is no point to voting, because every single vote counts. I can’t stand hearing my young friends and peer saying that it doesn’t even matter, because it truly does make a difference. And yes the I voted sticker is a reason to do it in itself! Great post.

  9. I do not understand how our vote mattered in the final election count. Because if it did, Hillary would have won. Hillary had more votes by the people than Trump did, and she still lost! Trump only won because the electoral college had more votes towards him than Hillary. This is not how it should be at all. Our voices matter more than this.

  10. This post was extremely powerful and quite relevant considering yesterday was election day. The various memes also made for a fun read. I cannot stress enough how important every single vote is, especially since North Carolina was a swing state this year. I feel extra strongly about this year’s election because a woman was running for president and it is just a reminder of how far we have come since women were not even allowed to vote in the last century. I will say that voting is not as easy as everyone claims, and that is an issue they need to work on. I attempted to change my address in my registration three different times, all failed attempts, and I had to resort to sending in an absentee ballot at the last minute. However, there is never a valid excuse not to vote; nobody is too busy. Even an astronaut voted from space this year!

  11. I personally did not vote because I was not willing to throw away my first ever vote on either candidate for the sake of choosing the lesser of two evils. It is our right to choose not to vote just as much as it is to vote. Outside of my personal opinion on the matter, I appreciated the integrity of this article as well as the good intention of it, but couldn’t help but notice multiple glaring grammatical errors…

  12. I could not agree more with this article. Being able to vote is a privilege that all Americans should not take for granted. There are a lot of men and women fighting for our freedom and right to vote and to not vote just seems stupid to me. There also seems to be a lot of people that didn’t vote because “both candidates are clowns” but these are the people throwing their opinions everywhere. The fact of the matter is everyone’s vote is important, it’s a right that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  13. Excellent post! We as a Country somehow take for granted our privilege to vote on our civic leaders. Considered the envy of the free world, many foreign nations can only dream of having a Country free from tyranny. Voting is one of the last remaining and unmolested form of having your voice heard. Granted my candidate of choice didn’t win, but I will respect the fact Trump is our next President. Voting is much more than the Presidency. Inclusion of our local leaders is just as important in having our voice heard in Washington. The President can only do what Congress will allow him to do. Even his executive orders must be approved by Congress. So, in essence every vote does count even, if your highest office vote appeared to be futile. Every vote matters in the world of politics.

  14. This was the first election that I was allowed to vote (I was not old enough during the last election) and I thought about skipping out on voting. I did not have a presidential candidate that I supported 100% or even 75%. However, after many lectures from my parents, I understood that it is my duty to vote. I also realize that I am an African American Women and there was a time in history (not too long ago) when I was not allowed to vote. I felt that I owed it to my ancestors who fought to make this possible for my generation.

  15. I agree, I know a lot of people that did not vote this election due to either laziness or because they didn’t like either of the candidates. Either way I agree that every single person should do a little research and get out there and vote for who they think should win.

  16. This was such an entertaining article! I really agree with the fact that everyone should be voting if eligible, so I thought this was a funny/relatable read. Since the election, Facebook has been exploding with opinions on who should have won. A lot of the time, these opinionated posts can be a bit offensive to the opposing side, and I have to wonder why the authors of these posts think that their offensive opinions are worth posting for all of their friends and family to see- I even wonder if they voted in the first place! So many countries don’t have the opportunity that we have to vote. Since our generation is obviously full of passionate and opinionated citizens, why wouldn’t we go ahead and make our opinions matter?

  17. This was the first election that I voted in. I guess in the past I never really cared to take the “time” to register myself. But in the past I found myself complaining about certain things, and looking back now, I really can’t say that I deserved to complain because I didn’t vote. After having friends this year who didn’t vote, it really sort of irritated me because we really do have a large impact on the results of our country, so why would we not vote?

  18. Great article! So many people do not realize how important it is to vote. People have literally died for that right. So many people have said that now, that I believe it isn’t as powerful of a statement anymore. One major issue, I think we will see in our lifetime is the issue of the electoral college. Hillary Clinton is one of many candidates who lost in a presidential race, while still winning the popular vote. There pros and cons of having the electoral college, and I believe we should begin discussing them.

  19. I agree with you. Voting is important. I is our freedom and our responsibility as Americans. But reading this after the election has come to a close and the ballots have been counted, it is hard to shallow the pill that our vote matters and each vote counts. If each vote was counted first, would the electoral college have voted differently? The only reason I voted this election was to keep the other candidate out of office. Sigh, that didn’t happen. But this year, more than most, people were not voting for who they thought the wanted as president, but against who they didn’t want for president. Yes it is expected of us to vote, but what do you say to those who don’t have a candidate to represent them?

  20. Couldn’t agree more with this article. It’s so important that each of us cast our vote, however I too often hear the argument from people that their vote doesn’t “count” because of the electoral college. I think this privilege is also often taken for granted and we don’t realize that our vote equals our voice in the political sphere. I also really appreciated the use of the memes in this article to get the point across to millennials!

  21. I think voting is truly a complex issue, but at my core, I understand it’s a privilege and a right to vote that so, so many do not have. I feel that it’s beyond a civic duty, but a duty to those who don’t have the ability to actually vote.
    44.4% of the population voted in this last election according to the recently released statistics. Meaning, 66.6% did NOT vote.
    I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. You don’t have to agree with everything a candidate says or believes to vote for them anyone. Vote for the one you believe is the best choice of the available, OR WORST CASE scenario, write in who you think should be.
    Hell, 11,000 people voted for a dead guerrilla.
    Just go vote.

  22. This article is great and exactly what Ive been talking about all week. We are in the midst of political chaos and people are all going crazy depending on if their candidate won or not. Either way, no matter if your candidate won or lost, if you didn’t vote, you can’t complain or boast about it. In my eyes voting it your right and a way to express yourself. Voting can start movements, not voting just brings complaining. All on facebook you hear people complaining about the outcome of the election, and the majority of them complaining didn’t vote. NO VOTE! NO SAY!

  23. This post originally drew me in because of its many graphics. I’m young, hip and can appreciate a good meme. And, while I did love the memes, my problem is the lack of substance. Your post holds a very important message, especially at the time that you posted it. You made many good points, but didn’t elaborate on any of them. I think I would have appreciated this post more had you gone in more depth on each numbered item so I could really GET what you were trying to say. Other than that, I really did love that you found this important enough to write about it and that you were trying to be appealing with the use of funny pictures. I definitely got a good chuckle out of a few of them, so thank you for that!

  24. I really enjoyed this post. The many images you presented throughout this blog post is brilliant in my opinion. At least it caught my eye, because I would rather read things that are marked on pictures then just a bunch of words. You did a great job catching the readers attention. You have enough words in the introduction of this blog that are sweet and to the point, you do a great job of getting your point across, and like I said the pictures are a must! Nice post!!

  25. This post caught my eye specifically because it is very relevant in today’s news. It being my first election that I was allowed to vote in, I was very intrigued in the images and reasons presented. All of which I really related to and even smiled about. You really got your point across about the importance of voting while taking a fun and comically stance on the issue, which was very refreshing.

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