There’s Always a Reason to Give Thanks

Now that Halloween is over and we have reached the beginning of November, let’s not jump to Christmas just quiet yet! One of my favorite holidays that I cherish most is Thanksgiving. Many things probably come to your head with the thought of Thanksgiving coming up like turkey, stuffing, gourmet home cooked meals, and spending time with loved ones. This is such a special time of the year that often people take for granted or even look over since it is so close to Christmas. I know it’s hard, because who doesn’t like putting up their Christmas tree early?!


This is the time of year where it is important to be thankful. Being able to go home from the stress of crazy schoolwork and tests, and spend time with your family is something to be grateful for. For those of you who live out of state, I’m sure you know how special this time is as well, even if you can’t go home and are just able to be surround by friends.images.jpeg

So I encourage each of you to take the time of Thanksgiving to take off from school work (unless you have some massive paper/test/project), kick back and relax with family or friends. Don’t take this time for granted, especially when it comes to having a full and happy stomach. Maybe even watch some football and daydream about UNCW having a football team. We can only dream…