There’s Always a Reason to Give Thanks

Now that Halloween is over and we have reached the beginning of November, let’s not jump to Christmas just quiet yet! One of my favorite holidays that I cherish most is Thanksgiving. Many things probably come to your head with the thought of Thanksgiving coming up like turkey, stuffing, gourmet home cooked meals, and spending time with loved ones. This is such a special time of the year that often people take for granted or even look over since it is so close to Christmas. I know it’s hard, because who doesn’t like putting up their Christmas tree early?!


This is the time of year where it is important to be thankful. Being able to go home from the stress of crazy schoolwork and tests, and spend time with your family is something to be grateful for. For those of you who live out of state, I’m sure you know how special this time is as well, even if you can’t go home and are just able to be surround by friends.images.jpeg

So I encourage each of you to take the time of Thanksgiving to take off from school work (unless you have some massive paper/test/project), kick back and relax with family or friends. Don’t take this time for granted, especially when it comes to having a full and happy stomach. Maybe even watch some football and daydream about UNCW having a football team. We can only dream…


14 thoughts on “There’s Always a Reason to Give Thanks

  1. I loved this blog because it is always a good reminder for people during this time of year to take a step back and be grateful for what they have instead of what they do not have. School gets busy and hectic during the end of the semester and it for sure gets easy to start feeling bad for ourselves with the stress of exams and what not. I really liked the Charlie Brown reference, and comment about UNCW having a football team… so true.

  2. I really like this post because one of my favorite holidays is Thanksgiving because of the family traditions my family has at thanksgiving. Every year, me and some of my family members take meals to the homeless in our community while other members stay back at the house to prepare thanksgiving dinner. Once we are finished passing out meals to the homeless, we go back to the house where all our family (usually between 25-30 people) spend the day together watching football or playing football in the backyard. Thanksgiving is overlooked by so many people because they can’t contain their excitement for Christmas. However, I think Thanksgiving is an important Holiday because it reminds us to be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about the things we wish we had. I personally believe a holiday is only as fun as the memories and traditions associated with it, and for me and my family, that is why Thanksgiving is a Holiday we always look forward to celebrating.

  3. This blog was a good reminder for me of how close we are to that break. It’s the end of the semester and the stress is building up. I really enjoyed this post being that I hardly have time to get home for and even though I’ll only have a few days to spend with my family due to my work schedule. I’m very thankful and fortunate for that and for the time to relax from school work for a little as well. I agree, thanksgiving break is an important time for that. Plus home cookin’ for a few days!

  4. I genuinely appreciate this post because it is a good reminder to really stop and think about how lucky we are. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays due to the fact that I am so thankful for everything in my life. I am really grateful for anything that comes my way- positive or negative because these things help shape us as individuals. I am looking forward to Christmas but I think it is important to take a breather and truly appreciate the people and opportunities we have had in our lives. I can’t wait to sit down with my family, admire their company, and feast for days.

  5. This actually made me miss home even though I was there not too long ago. This topic is pretty generic but it is so personal to everyone because its such a family oriented holiday. This is my favorite holiday as well, but over the past few years my thanksgiving hasn’t always been the traditional, pass the mashed potatoes kind of dinner. Since my parents own a business, the only time we can go on vacation as a family is over thanksgiving break. So the past three years we have been in Florida or on a cruise, which is awesome, but this article makes me miss the traditional holiday. This year because of my work schedule I can’t go on the family vacation, so this article actually makes me worried about what I am going to do this year.

  6. I think this post brought awareness to the meaning of Thanksgiving that we often forget about, especially being college students. I think we are all just ready to get done with finals and have a month off of school, but it is important to appreciate the time we have with our families. It’s important to set time aside from your busy schedules to be with family and have time to relax before school picks up again. Thanks for this reminder!

  7. I love this post! Thanksgiving often goes unnoticed because everyone tends to start decorating for Christmas right after Halloween. I absolutely love Thanksgiving as a time where I can hangout with my whole family, eat great food and just have some time to relax before finals. It also helps me sit down and really think about what I’m thankful for and what I take for granted on a daily basis. While Thanksgiving is still a few weeks away, I’m already looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I totally agree with this post! Everyone is going on and on about Christmas and it’s true that we need to wait and remember what we are thankful for. Plus, I think that when Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year it seems, we start to lose the magic of the Christmas season. This post is a great reminder to take a step back and relax and enjoy the many blessings we have been given over the past year.

  9. I love this because every year I grow increasingly frustrated with the fact that Christmas takes over earlier and earlier each year. We’ve basically lost Thanksgiving to the holiday and before you know it Halloween will be gone to! Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, I really really do but it loses some of its greatness and what makes it so special when we celebrate it for half the year.Thanksgiving is an important holiday ans something that should be set aside for friends and family, not just a kick off to another holiday.

  10. I definitely have to agree! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because it’s the one time we (at least in my family) come together without any expectations to buy something for someone. Last year I cooked my first thanksgiving meal in my own home with my husband and some friends who don’t have much of a family. The best part (and reason I’m continuing this year) was to hear them say how it was the first time they had felt like they had family in years! Personally I think that’s better than any Christmas present.

  11. I completely agree with this post! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it allows me to sit around with my family and reflect on how blessed I truly am to constantly be surrounded with the most amazing people in my life! I do love Christmas, but I wish people took Thanksgiving as a time to actually tell people how thankful they are for them in their lives, instead of jumping straight to Christmas fever!

  12. You are so right when you say that Thanksgiving shouldn’t be overshadowed by Christmas. Thanksgiving is a day that we should focus on and spend time with friends and family. I hate that so many stores have Christmas decor out before Halloween is even over.

  13. Thank you for writing this blog, it is a good reminder to not let the stress of school get to you. As we are wrapping up the semester, school work is always at an all time high as teachers assign more and more work to finish off the semester’s class. With this influx of work happening now, and exams starting soon after Thanksgiving break, I agree, it is very important to remember to take time to enjoy yourself around friends and family, and allow an exit for the stress of school.

  14. I love this!! I think thanksgiving is overlooked because of all the hype for Christmas. It’s important to remind everyone what it’s all about.

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