Spooky Semiotics

What is the first thing you think of when October 31rst rolls around? Halloween of course! Who doesn’t love this spooktacular holiday where you get to dress up as whoever or whatever your heart desires. Adults channel their inner kid and sport princess dresses and super hero tights. Little kids are initiated into the celebration by choosing their favorite costumes at the many pop-up shops that open just for the occasion. Even with the newfound diy craze brought on by Pinterest people of all ages still flock to halloween stores to find the perfect overpriced getup.


Candy is another market that thrives, particularly from the sugar thirsty little gremlins that roam the streets on this particular day. Lets not go giving the little ones all of the credit adults and the elderly are just as guilty of adding a little chocolate to their carts. So what is it that causes so many different people to long for the same generic halloween pastimes?


Holidays happen every year and along with these holidays come the semiotics of holidays. Halloween is a holiday that is represented by many images and symbols: pumpkins, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns. As Halloween started to approach, you probably started to notice stores using these symbols to market different products. A common advertisement used during the. Halloween season is the Reeses peanut butter cup ad, where the candy turns into a monster-like creature. This advertisement is used to play towards the candy lovers and to portray their festive spirit of Halloween.

crazy candy

Another popular advertisement that many will take advantage of this halloween is the Chipotle Boorito. Put on your cat ears ladies and gentlemen for $3 you can score a full chipotle burrito! Fitting into the halloween spirit they depict the ingredients of the burrito warped into monsters with a jack o’lantern face imposed on the wrapped burrito itself. These images again relate back to Halloween reminding you it is a holiday and you should treat yourself especially with discounts being offered. So I leave you with this advice, go get dressed up in ridiculous outfits and gorge yourself on cheap food and candy. Or as it is said in the famous show Parks and Rec “treat yourself” isn’t that what Halloween is really all about?