How Sprint and Apple are Combining Communication Ethics and Marketing Strategies to Enhance Brand Awareness

Advertisements are a huge factor when discussing Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and companies are moving more towards a new technique to intrigue their target markets. The “Push & Pull” strategies refer to the “Push” strategy that refers to placing the product or service in front of the customer via advertisement. While the “Pull” strategy refers to stimulating demand and motivating customers to actively seek out a specific product. This strategy is used by Apple and Nike corporations with their popular products and services advertised by celebrities and collegiate and professional athletes around the globe.




For example, Sprint, a cellular networking company, is popular for their great family rates and cellular plans that are intriguing to consumers who have an interest in having great affordable rates. They specialize in mobile (SMS) text messaging that allows Sprint users to know the various special discounts and deals Sprint has to offer with various plans including saving on a maximum number of 10 lines on one plan. This Push strategy has helped Sprint maintain its customer loyalty with several of consumers who find their deals attractive among the markets.  Sprint is often using Communication Ethics to advertise their products by using visualizing characteristics such as professional and social responsibility and integrity. I often find it hard not to feel one of these characteristics when I leave a Sprint store, I feel amazed at the decisions I made and my overall experiences trying different cellular devices and accessories. So by using the Pull method of marketing, Sprint can attract their consumers to these certain characteristics through visual advertisements similar to the one displayed above.



The Pull strategy are usually common among established and popular brands. Companies with global recognition are advocating this strategy to create demand for their products with sales promotions, referrals, and coupons that are effective in terms of gaining consumers. Apple is the most popular with this strategy with their premiere launches of popular devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This company uses its products are the focal point to user interaction and by doing so you see long lines outside of Apple stores across the United States simply to get their hands on the next new product. The Push and Pull strategies are going to keep attracting ads and marketing using these techniques to find the interest of their target consumers, we as college students are exposed to advertisements in a lot of our daily lives and we often never look to see how companies affect our pockets through this particular marketing strategy. Apple refers to using Communication Ethics through their unique slogan “Think Different” which has always exemplified their funky, popular, and colorful styles that are often advertised by famous artists and sports figures. This method of Communication Ethics in terms of Apple’s marketing strategy is unique and visionary in taste to the average consumer on the market, this not only attracts those who are new to the brand but also those who stay loyal to the slogan and its true meaning of living and thinking “different.”