What’s the Buzz About BuzzFeed?


BuzzFeed. If you’ve never heard of it, then you may need to check your Internet connection. BuzzFeed is a digital media company that delivers news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people throughout the world. With a platform that spans across its website, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, its nearly impossible to go a day without engaging with their content. It is hard to think of another company that has as strong of a presence on every social media platform, and consistently has millions of people viewing and sharing their content.

So what is it that sets BuzzFeed so far apart from other digital news and entertainment companies?

It all comes down to their approach of communication. BuzzFeed communicates their messages in a way that is completely different from other organizations. They are able to make every message seem relevant to people’s lives through the use of clever titles, videos, lists, and quizzes that have all of the qualities needed to go viral. BuzzFeed has the ability to take serious (and often controversial) issues and combine them with an element of entertainment that makes the idea of getting your news from any other source the most boring decision you could possibly make.


BuzzFeed’s unique content and brand image reflects their company’s organizational culture. They are able to mass-produce content yet still be extremely successful because their organization thrives off of the free-spirited and innovative environment that the employees work in. BuzzFeed prides itself on how they encourage their employees to embrace their diversity and creativity. Content creators at BuzzFeed work on their projects in a large, colorful office space where they can roam freely between tables and engage with one another throughout the day. It is definitely not your typical office. BuzzFeed is also constantly bringing more employees on board, hiring 10-15 new employees a week.

It is difficult to imagine a world today without BuzzFeed. What would people be sharing on social media if we didn’t have any viral videos to watch?

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-Jaime Mangold