Risky Business



Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is not just one sector of the “working world.”  It takes on different shapes and forms throughout the business world and is constantly changing as the business world changes. Is IMC the best thing occurring in businesses or can it be too risky?


IMC always takes the customer into account, one way it does this is through the four C’s. IMC has taking the strategies of the four P’s, (product, place, price, and promotions) and turned them into the four C’s (customer value, convenience, cost, and communication). By putting themselves in the shoes of the customer, many businesses have gained knowledge and understanding for their customer base. This has made marketing a lot less risky and much more affluent. Chick fil a is a good example of how knowing your customer can help your business grow.



One of the best examples of IMC in the business world is through a popular business, especially at UNCW, known as Chick-fil-A. This restaurant chain’s popular slogan “Eat More Chicken” is to play toward the pathos of the consumers. The marketing in Chick-fil-A is centered around a cow as the mascot. The cows are telling consumers to eat more chicken because they don’t want to be eaten themselves! If you notice, Chick-fil-A never uses the image of a chicken in their marketing strategies. However, the image of a chicken is embedded into their logo, but it is so subtle that not a lot of people notice it. The IMC of Chick-fil-A is brilliant because they market to what people want to see. People want to see that they are not harming the cows and instead are eating chicken. Good chicken, I might add.