Will You Accept This Rose?

Every girl in the U.S knows exactly what show this question belongs to… Exactly, the Bachelorette! The show’s ratings is out the roof and definitely the most popular Monday’s No. 1 broadcast with 6.6 million viewers.

Beauty, brands, and love is promised in the show. The last Bachelorette, Jojo Fletcher, is probably one of the most popular ones yet because of her amazing style in clothing. She represents the ideal woman, wifey material, and most importantly: she is, hands down, the style icon itself! Ever since the first episode of the Bachelorette season 12, she has worn one better outfit after another. Of course, clothing brands recognize the love from fans and how they keep up with her latest love and engagement life. That is why she is the perfect fit for a brand ambassador.


Having a brand ambassador is great for the marketing strategies and way to communicate an ongoing message representing a brand. Jojo has worn over hundreds of outfits during the filming; from cozy sweaters, fitted dresses, and sleek shoes. During the day she kept is casual in Express shirts and leather jackets and then Elizabeth and James dresses for night dates. For the show’s cocktail parties and rose ceremonies, Jojo wore sparkly sequin and beaded dresses by Mac Duggal. All together she wore over 79 different brands that got their exposure through the show.


Not only does the world talk about these beautiful outfits and dresses Jojo wears but her style is talked about on various platforms. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and E!News to interviews, and more. Brands and companies want to have the bachelorette’s face representing their character and name. Jojo wears clothes from different designers, works in commercials, and is starting to get offers from different companies to represent them and commercialize their brand.

Doesn’t this sound like a great opportunity to become famous and rich? If you want to be
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Good luck!



33 thoughts on “Will You Accept This Rose?

  1. I think this post brings up some really good points on how brands use people that are in the spotlight to be a model or spokesperson for their brand. I think it is interesting how Jojo started out the show as a “normal” person trying to find love and became a brand ambassador that is continuously sought after just because of a reality show. But it makes sense that these companies would want her to wear their clothes; she reaches a huge female audience and has a big impact on the viewers who watch the show religiously. It is smart for them to want someone on a show like The Bachelorette to be their brand ambassador because of all the exposure they give the brand, but it makes you wonder what the person who’s working as the ambassador thinks of it. They would never wear these elegant evening gowns and clothes had it not been for the show, so do they even feel like themselves anymore? Or are they just being molded into what the brand wants them to be because they get paid for it?

    • I think especially for the bachelorette, every girl likes to wear long, sparkly dresses to look good, don’t you think? I always love watching the show just to see what the bachelorette will be wearing on these different ceremonies…

  2. I found this post very interesting. I did not know about fashion ambassadors. This is a very good marketing tactic in my opinion. I watched the Bachlorette and loved JoJo’s clothing choices. This marketing tactic is a great way to get your clothes some exposure and include your brand into tv without openly advertising it.

  3. LOVE THIS SHOW. I am also a huge fan of JoJo’s style and how she can pull of the ripped jeans and sweaters but still look so cute. Shes definitely a style icon most girls love! And also a respectful, level headed overall beautiful person to look up to. Great blog!!!!!

  4. This article instantly caught my eye because I watch the Bachelorette (and the Bachelor) every season. The various gifs of Jojo in her sparkly outfits also caught my attention and drew me in to read more about them. Because I’m an avid watcher of the show, I’ve done prior research, and I actually learned that other than the first and last dresses she wears, Jojo provides all of her own outfits. Jojo is a good representation of a style guru and brand ambassador because of her large audience and fan-base that watch the Bachelorette and follow her in the media. Many people look to her for fashion advice and style ideas. They want to look like the Bachelorette in hopes of also finding love and having their own fairy tale one day. She could use that power to advertise for various brands.

  5. All of this is 100% true for me because I have personally clicked on the stores she tags on instagram to shop her looks! I never realized how brand ambassadors mirrored everything we talked about in IMC about branding and advertising. My sister-in-law is a professional photographer and is shooting for this new boutique in Pawleys Island. They were telling her that they are going to pick brand ambassadors for free advertising to help grow their shops. In turn for posting about their clothing they give them 40% off coupons once a month. This is such an easy way to advertise.

  6. Being a huge fan of the show, I have admired Jojo’s style from the beginning. Jojo herself was an advertisement and I didn’t even pick up on it! Companies now ask her to wear their products to increase their sales and I am sure it worked/ is working. It is amazing what social media and reality TV can do it benefit different brands.

  7. Seeing a celebrity that I am a fan of wearing an outfit that I like, I am one hundred times more likely to research that outfit than if a celebrity I didn’t like were wearing it. It also helps when that outfit is being worn on a show watched my millions, getting that much more recognition.

    So many celebs nowadays are making money this way. The Kardashians are getting paid for posting on their social media sites like Instagram. Or by wearing a certain brand, its sales then go up. Everything is done on purpose with a motive behind it. It’s all about the dollar.

    • I think that is why they made Jojo be so nice and likable at the same time! She has always been so nice in the bachelor being a contestant and her own season by being the bachelorette. She was never one of the annoying or ‘bitchy’ ones… I totally agree with your point!

  8. It’s interesting to me that the contestants go on the Bachelor or Bachelorette to “find love” but they leave the show with other arrangements. Like Jojo, many of these people receive endorsement deals from various brands because these brands know they are socialites and their brand will gain quite a bit of business by having them be their promoters.

    • I bet she got away with more jobs and representation offers than love haha. I was upset about her choosing Jordan because he seemed to do it for his own presentation and image. But knowing she at least got many deals out of it makes me happy because that’s something for the future rather than someone who MIGHT not be the one…

  9. I love this show and totally agree with what you are saying! Every episode I found myself saying “that’s a really cute outfit I wonder where she got it?”. If a brand is trying to get attention of put themselves out there this is a great way to do it.

  10. As a fan of the Bachelor franchise, I found this blog interesting. I agree that the Bachelorette is the perfect choice for a brand ambassador. I remember watching Jojo’s season partially because I wanted to see what cute outfit she would wear next. A few times I even looked up what brand her bathing suit, shirt, or pants were in hopes of buying a similar one. Another thing I noticed is that several of the Bachelor winners and losers are on Instagram and other social media promoting clothing brands. Several of the women have become the face of small boutiques in order to get their clothes for their time on the show. It’s crazy, but it’s extremely smart for these companies to do!

  11. I relate to this post on a spiritual level(not literally, but you get the point). I can honestly say that Jojo was my favorite bachelorette mainly because of her style! I found myself looking through the web trying to find where she bought what. I truly think that after every episode, I was on google attempting to find the clothing that she had wore in that episode!

  12. I absolutely love this post. Probably because I’m one of the 66 million who is obsessed with this show. Grant it I will admit that it is sad that I am so into this show. But as you said, they make it so intriguing. How could one look away? What girl wouldn’t want to be JoJo? You couldn’t of used a better sentence for this show other than what you did, “Beauty, brands, and love is promised in the show.” That’s all a girl wants. So many brands target many women through this show and it definitely works in their favor. Great job!

    • I totally agree. Who doesn’t want to look great on TV and have many job offers through looking amazing… I wanted to be Jojo way too many times watching the season

  13. I actually do not watch the Bachelorette often but I even I am aware of the franchise Jojo has created for herself by being on the show. I see some of the outfits on Facebook or other media outlets and most of them I love and want, even going as far as looking some up. It’s crazy to see the outreach of the show even while I am not watching it. It’s a great move for the companies to promote their brands on a show so popular.

  14. The Bachelorette is SUCH a great example of how brand ambassadors are used! I am obsessed with the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise. I find it amazing how handing out a couple of roses,making out with men/women, and going on glamorous dates around the world with little to no hard work required of these young men and women get them so much media exposure. I follow about 10-15 Bachelor/Bachelorette ‘stars’ on Instagram, and that seems to be one of the most popular social media platforms that brands advertise through. A lot of the same brands are promoted by several different stars. Many of these brands offer products like teeth whitening kits, vitamins to achieve healthy, silky hair, and skin care since most of the celebrities on the hit ABC reality show are very attractive.

  15. See.. this is what amazes me – even you who doesn’t watch the show regularly knows about Jojo and her style… that is exactly their goal! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. I love this post! Having a brand ambassador can be SO helpful but picking the “right” one and the best fit for the brand is the hard part. Of course, for a clothing brand or something chic and stylish would be perfect for Jojo’s brand and for the clothing brand but making sure their values align is really important. The Bachelorette is a quick rise to fame and has not given Jojo so many cool opportunities.. I wonder who she will partner with next!

    • Totally agree with you, Jenna! Do you think that she will become more famous in the future? Or do you think that it will die out and she will just do small little jobs? I know she is a great person to represent some clothing lines and brands, especially because she’s simply cute, but do you think people will get over her?

  17. Im not a huge fan of the bachelor/bachelorette but you make a compelling argument that I definitely agree with. Being interested in Fashion myself, I agree that she definitely has an awesome style and has brought to light many different brands by just wearing them on the show because of the massive audience it sells too. Its cool to see how even just clothing can impact the viewers. Great work!

    • I definitely see your point! The fact that people can make such a huge impact on clothing lines is incredible, and even for people like you, who don’t really watch the show but still love the style she represents… That’s what brand ambassadors are all about! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I really loved reading this post! Having brand ambassadors is such a great idea for marketing strategies. I don’t really watch this show, but I can understand due to the show’s popularity how contestants could have a great deal of influence on viewers, and thus could help a brand grow and become more well known. Really well written article!

    • I definitely appreciate your comment, Lynsey! It amazes me as well to see how much impact these people can make, event though some people may not watch the show or like it…Thanks for commenting 🙂

  19. This post brings up a great point about the importance of having a brand ambassador. It is not so much about selling the clothes, but rather selling the story. Jojo is the perfect ambassador because the majority of American women want to be like her! She represents a woman who is confident, healthy, beautiful, and attracts men. Women are naturally drawn to this because Jojo embodies desirable female traits. Because women are drawn to her, they will naturally want to wear the same cute clothes she does.
    I, myself, love watching The Bachelorette and The Bachelor for various reasons. During Jojo’s season in particular I found myself admiring her clothes and even a little envious of her style. I, along with many of my other girlfriends, began following her on Instagram and Pinterest. According to her Instagram account, she is now a model for high quality sunglasses, which are now selling out! As the bachelorette, I am sure Jojo was excited to wear perfectly coordinated outfits on television. It was mutually beneficial for her as well as the companies she represented. In the end, both Jojo and the companies gained more recognition and popularity.

    • I 100% agree with you. I started following her myself on Instagram because of her style and to keep up with her life. Do you think it is just a phase until a new face comes up, or do you think that Jojo is just the perfect fashion icon that can bring a brand further in their marketing strategies?
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion about this post 🙂

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