Will You Accept This Rose?

Every girl in the U.S knows exactly what show this question belongs to… Exactly, the Bachelorette! The show’s ratings is out the roof and definitely the most popular Monday’s No. 1 broadcast with 6.6 million viewers.

Beauty, brands, and love is promised in the show. The last Bachelorette, Jojo Fletcher, is probably one of the most popular ones yet because of her amazing style in clothing. She represents the ideal woman, wifey material, and most importantly: she is, hands down, the style icon itself! Ever since the first episode of the Bachelorette season 12, she has worn one better outfit after another. Of course, clothing brands recognize the love from fans and how they keep up with her latest love and engagement life. That is why she is the perfect fit for a brand ambassador.


Having a brand ambassador is great for the marketing strategies and way to communicate an ongoing message representing a brand. Jojo has worn over hundreds of outfits during the filming; from cozy sweaters, fitted dresses, and sleek shoes. During the day she kept is casual in Express shirts and leather jackets and then Elizabeth and James dresses for night dates. For the show’s cocktail parties and rose ceremonies, Jojo wore sparkly sequin and beaded dresses by Mac Duggal. All together she wore over 79 different brands that got their exposure through the show.


Not only does the world talk about these beautiful outfits and dresses Jojo wears but her style is talked about on various platforms. From Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and E!News to interviews, and more. Brands and companies want to have the bachelorette’s face representing their character and name. Jojo wears clothes from different designers, works in commercials, and is starting to get offers from different companies to represent them and commercialize their brand.

Doesn’t this sound like a great opportunity to become famous and rich? If you want to be
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Good luck!