How Can You Get Ahead?

The four years you spend in college will be some of the best and worst times of your life. Throughout the four years, you grow as a person, create friendships, and are forced to figure out your next step in life. I’m not saying you have to have your whole life planned out by the time you graduate, but wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get ahead in the real world?

IMC is a growing discipline that encompasses strategic planning in Public Relations, Advertising, and Marketing to establish a relationship between an organization and its consumers. So if you’re planning to go into IMC, I have some advice that will benefit you.

With all new disciplines it is common to encounter some obstacles. However, having some knowledge and applying it to overcome the challenges present in the field of IMC will give you an advantage over others competing for the same job.

  1. Aligning internal and external marketing communication.

What does this mean? : Make sure all modes of communication are on the same page.

  1. Moving to a behavioral base for marketing communication outcomes.

What does this mean? : Think of how a person would interact with the brand.

  1. Reversing the flow of marketing communication programs.

What does this mean? : Focus your attention on the consumers’ perspective.

  1. Making the brand the key element in the marketing effort.

What does this mean? : Focus on the brand when you are communicating a message to the public. Unnecessary elements take away the attention from the brand.

  1. Developing a global perspective.

What does this mean? : Technology has made it easier for everyone to communicate with one another over long distances. Think about how to communicate to consumers globally.

  1. Developing forward-looking systems of forecasting, measurement, and evaluation.

What does this mean? : Take advantages of the technology we have and create new ways to predict, measure, and analyze data.

  1. Developing new organizational structures and compensation methods.

What does this mean? : Help be part of the change that pushes IMC to be more commonly used with businesses and corporations.





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-Kayla Castro