Make Eye Contact, Give Money

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” is something you probably heard as you were growing up. Well that statement really sinks in when you are walking on Chancellors or in Hawks, and you see an organization asking for donations. As soon as you make eye contact with them, you just get sucked into listening to the spiel and it is easily one of the most awkward conversations you can have. By the end of the conversation, you have given them the money they were wanting and you become more poor than you already were. So how do we as students get past this awkward encounter?


There are many ways to encounter engagement with student organizations on campus. One way is by completely avoiding the people when they try to communicate with you. Students can do this by completely avoiding eye contact by looking at your phone, putting your headphones in, or turning your back to them. Do you really want to be one of these students?


ENGAGE with your fellow student body and help support their causes!


We should support our fellow colleagues for many reasons. One reason is that on campus we are a united community #wingsup.  As students, we rely on other organizations to help support us and we should try to support them back. Every organization on campus engages with the community of Wilmington, which is considered civic engagement. The connections we could make with one another could help us in the future. We should take advantage of these opportunities to help our community as much as possible!