GoPro – The World Leader in User Generated Content


Some of the world’s most innovative and widely shared photos and videos in recent times have one thing in common. Whether they are capturing a surfer in the glaciers of Iceland, free divers in Greece, or camping in the mountains of Switzerland they all were taken by a GoPro. The technology giant has created action cameras that have been integrated into numerous sports and industries and found incredible success. The fact that their product allows them free access to high quality media for promotional purposes is an incredible bonus for advertising efforts.


GoPro is a significant leader in terms of the advertising techniques they employ, and they are incredibly effective when it comes to their use of customer engagement. They have revolutionized the advertising world with their use and promotion of user-generated content. This marketing trend has allowed the company access to high quality video and images of base jumpers, snowboarders, even animals for free and does a great job showing off the quality of their products.


After getting their products into the hands of the right people, the company can in turn take their media and use it for social media marketing. The company instagram account boasts over 10 million followers and essentially every photo is from user submitted content. Photos often receive over two hundred and fifty thousand likes, some reaching close to a half a million likes and the company’s market continues to grow. This really helps the company promote an overall experience to be associated with their product, and customers are buying this. Often times the goal is to tell a story to help sell your product, and GoPro has many great stories flowing in daily. This advertising platform seems to be paying off as the popularity of their products skyrocket.



Images provided by: GoPro.

– Kevin Latshaw ’16