Why Customer Satisfaction Matters

America’s market is definitely a unique one. There’s ultimately no specific product that is entirely unique, which inflates the competition of everything. Because of this, the experience that customers have when they are buying these products has turned into one of the most important aspects of sales.

Customer satisfaction is how you get returning business. At this point, it is no longer about the product, but about how people are treated when they are investing in the product. Customers who are satisfied by customer service is how you get first time customers to become returning customers, and how you get returning customers to keep coming back.

valueThis is where new marketing skills come into play. A big part of this is due social media and business-to-customer interaction that is different than ever before. Customers can now report their satisfaction of products in so many different ways, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, E-mails, and contacting businesses via their websites. Many businesses are also beginning to incorporate all of these different ways of communication into an app. This way, customers can go straight through the app to give reviews or contact the business about a problem they are having.

Uber is a fast growing business with a unique take on public transportation. It’s become popular very quickly over the last four years, especially in urban areas. Uber focuses heavily on customer satisfaction. Each driver is instructed by the company to put a twist on customer service by providing drinks or snacks for their riders. Uber also has an app that allows you to contact your driver and rate your driver once your ride is done, giving riders the opportunity to critique their drivers. This way, Uber can collect it’s feedback each night and improve their app and drivers accordingly.

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A lot of research goes into how to properly satisfy customers, such as return rate, products that are bought over and over again, and how customers ultimately rate the business’ customer service, hence customer surveys such as the one Uber provides on it’s app. Keeping a business unique and up to satisfaction can be tricky, which is why it’s important to research most what product users are looking for.

The only way to keep a customer happy is to satisfy their needs and wants. Business-to-customer communication will keep America’s market growing, changing, and ultimately satisfied.


-Parker Navarro, UNCW ’17


Image Provided by Fenero, Business Insider