What Comes First: Graduation or Finding a Parking Spot?

UNC Wilmington can be classified as the perfect sized school. It’s small enough so that when you’re walking on Chancellors you run into people you know. But it’s also large enough that you can meet someone new almost every day. One thing that doesn’t go with the size would be the parking. Whether you are a Freshman or a Senior at UNCW, one thing is for certain, you have most likely had an issue with UNCW parking. Here are some UNCW Parking moments that almost every student (and even staff members) can relate to.

  1. When the school year starts and you think you can save some money by not buying a parking pass


  1. But then you get your first ticket and realize you can’t pull one over on “the man”


  1. When you pay $300 for a pass but still get one of the worst parking lots on campus


  1. And realize you can’t find a spot so that said $300 parking pass is thus pointless


  1. When you have to race to get a good spot in the library parking lot, especially during exam week


  1. That small predator moment where you feel like a shark, circling the parking lot, to find a spot 


  2. And then you spot someone walking towards their car so you slowly stalk them to their spot 



  1. Having a nice new parking lot built (shwartz) but not being able to park theredjqzx
  2. And having a nice new parking deck built but not being able to park there, either


  1. Unless you want to pay for a $480 premium pass


  1. There being no cut-thrus on campus so you have to drive all the way around to get to a parking lot that was right next to your building


  1. And no matter where you park you’ll be walking at least a mile to any of your classes. 


  2. Which means being drenched from head to toe in sweat in the spring and summer months.



  1. When you inevitably get a ticket so you have to go crying to auxiliary services 

    giphy (3).gif

  2. But you know you have to pay or the next time it’s a boot


I’m sure UNCW realizes that our current parking situation isn’t the best it can be. When it comes to rhetoric and UNCW parking, their persuasion comes from their parking pass options. The more you pay and the more credits you have, the better the chance of getting a pass at a nice parking lot. They use IMC as well when creating more “pay for parking” areas along with the cheaper “park and ride” parking pass option. They communicate to students the understanding of a need for closer or cheaper parking and do their best to solve these options. Their use of logos over pathos in most situations is eminent as well. Logic for parking dictates, if you park in the wrong spot you will get a ticket. If you park in the lot that is assigned to you with your pass you will not be penalized.

While UNCW parking isn’t our best friend at times, they’re pretty lenient on when you get your first ticket along with pointing out where you can and cannot park. In the case of all the listed stresses above, there will always be flaws in system. But at this point in time, we have to work with what we’ve got. May the odds be ever in you favor