What Comes First: Graduation or Finding a Parking Spot?

UNC Wilmington can be classified as the perfect sized school. It’s small enough so that when you’re walking on Chancellors you run into people you know. But it’s also large enough that you can meet someone new almost every day. One thing that doesn’t go with the size would be the parking. Whether you are a Freshman or a Senior at UNCW, one thing is for certain, you have most likely had an issue with UNCW parking. Here are some UNCW Parking moments that almost every student (and even staff members) can relate to.

  1. When the school year starts and you think you can save some money by not buying a parking pass


  1. But then you get your first ticket and realize you can’t pull one over on “the man”


  1. When you pay $300 for a pass but still get one of the worst parking lots on campus


  1. And realize you can’t find a spot so that said $300 parking pass is thus pointless


  1. When you have to race to get a good spot in the library parking lot, especially during exam week


  1. That small predator moment where you feel like a shark, circling the parking lot, to find a spot 


  2. And then you spot someone walking towards their car so you slowly stalk them to their spot 



  1. Having a nice new parking lot built (shwartz) but not being able to park theredjqzx
  2. And having a nice new parking deck built but not being able to park there, either


  1. Unless you want to pay for a $480 premium pass


  1. There being no cut-thrus on campus so you have to drive all the way around to get to a parking lot that was right next to your building


  1. And no matter where you park you’ll be walking at least a mile to any of your classes. 


  2. Which means being drenched from head to toe in sweat in the spring and summer months.



  1. When you inevitably get a ticket so you have to go crying to auxiliary services 

    giphy (3).gif

  2. But you know you have to pay or the next time it’s a boot


I’m sure UNCW realizes that our current parking situation isn’t the best it can be. When it comes to rhetoric and UNCW parking, their persuasion comes from their parking pass options. The more you pay and the more credits you have, the better the chance of getting a pass at a nice parking lot. They use IMC as well when creating more “pay for parking” areas along with the cheaper “park and ride” parking pass option. They communicate to students the understanding of a need for closer or cheaper parking and do their best to solve these options. Their use of logos over pathos in most situations is eminent as well. Logic for parking dictates, if you park in the wrong spot you will get a ticket. If you park in the lot that is assigned to you with your pass you will not be penalized.

While UNCW parking isn’t our best friend at times, they’re pretty lenient on when you get your first ticket along with pointing out where you can and cannot park. In the case of all the listed stresses above, there will always be flaws in system. But at this point in time, we have to work with what we’ve got. May the odds be ever in you favor

25 thoughts on “What Comes First: Graduation or Finding a Parking Spot?

  1. This was very funny because it was so relatable. Everyone has gone through this because parking at UNCW is borderline anarchy! UNCW may be trying to make our parking spot/pass situation the best it can be, but they still have a lot more work to do. Bringing down the price of tickets would be a good start, because depending on the situation, $50 for one ticket is simply outrageous.

  2. I have indeed had my fair share of experiences with UNC-W parking, including leaving a note and still getting a ticket on the day I was approved for my parking pass. I thought how you pointed out their use of IMC was a helpful relatable example for me. Thanks!

  3. I can’t even tell you how relatable this post was. Every single person at UNC-W currently has or has had this problem. The way the post was connected to concepts from IMC were also relevant and correlated well to the overall post. (Also, I mostly came here for the memes, they’re hilarious.)

  4. This gave me a little humor after this week and my frustration with our parking on campus. Thankfully I haven’t got a ticket yet, but walking over a mile to class in the rain is making it really hard to park where I am supposed to. I know many others can relate! I have to agree with Isabel the memes were great, caught my attention, and made me laugh a little. Great post and way to tie in IMC.

      • I think I spoke too soon. I got a ticket yesterday…parked in my zone but in the yellow lines not even realizing due to the fact that the faculty spots where in the back of the lot and I’m a transfer student so this was never brought to my attention. Why you would put faculty and staff in the back of the parking lot anyhow is beyond me. It was my bad for not paying attention, but frustrating because I easily would have parked in another open spot. Lesson definitely learned and the frustration continues LOL. Good luck!

  5. I think almost every UNCW student with a vehicle can relate to this blog post. It is the everyday struggle for some of us. I haven’t gotten a parking ticket (knock on wood), but I have a friend who has 3 that she still hasn’t paid off. So I think it’s safe to say, parking at UNCW stinks. However, this post doesn’t! It was very engaging with the pictures too!

  6. As a first semester student, I can already agree that parking is a pain in the butt. At my old school we could apply for specific parking, so if we weren’t willing to pay the more expensive parking, we just didn’t apply for that area. I don’t get why they just assign us a spot here. They say they take class location into consideration, yet my classes are on the complete opposite side of campus than my classes. Thank you campus parking for my built in exercise program, my waist size will appreciate you at the end of the semester.

  7. I too was drawn to your post because of its relatability, and of course, the memes. Also, I like how your post was in the format of a list. It makes the job of the reader much easier when the words are broken up into short sentences separated by funny pictures. You did a good job of taking something that is not usually associated with IMC and relating it back to what we are learning about. You took your audience into consideration and it shows based off of the content and tone of your post.

  8. I really enjoyed your post because it was funny and relatable. The memes also added a nice touch. The parking situation is very frustrating to me, along with many other UNCW students. I personally believe I already pay enough to go here and shouldn’t have to pay for parking too. Especially when I pay for parking and have to park in lot EE, which is behind the police station and very sketchy. One thing you might want to mention next time is the Rec Center. It is a beautiful facility, but if you live off campus, like myself, its more of a pain to use because you can never find parking to use it. I also liked how you ended your post on a more positive note. Overall, great job!

  9. This post made me laugh! UNCW’s parking situation is ridiculous. I think every student who has every driven a car to campus can relate to this post. I have only been at this school for a couple months now, and I have already experienced this and seen it happen to so many people. This was a great, relatable post and definitely reflected back some concepts of IMC!

  10. This post is extremely relatebale for just about any UNCW student whether they have a parking pass or not! Some got parking passes regretting it, and other didn’t because of those who told their “horror stories” of campus ticketing and towing. This blog was funny and honest (without being too harsh). I thought the most true was the spongebob meme… because we all know in that lucky situation that you do find a spot, on time, you will have to battle the long walk to your class and back to your car. On those purely sunny and beautiful days, none of these become an issue. A little exercise never hurt anyone. It is the days that Wilmington decides to monsoon, hurricane, and thunderstorm all in a matter of 3 hours. Hopefully the passes become less over-priced in the future!

  11. What comes first at UNCW- finding an outlet to use or a spot to park in? Probably neither, because you can’t find one without the other. Such a relatable post that nearly every student has already encountered at least 5 of these, and will encounter the rest by the time they graduate. The memes were also a great touch and accurately captured the emotional stages one goes through when trying to park. (Shout out to the people that snag the last spot you’ve been waiting for, thats when the tears really set in). The way you were able to tie this all to IMC was also really well done, I really enjoyed reading this and it gave me a good chuckle.

  12. This was so entertaining! I completely agree 100% in all of your points made. I decided not to buy a parking pass because it is just so expensive! So for now I ride my bike to school but I don’t know what I will do in the winter months. I guess I will have to put on my hiking boots and trek through the cold. I love all of the animations the post incorporated which made me keep reading to see what the next one would hold. I liked all of the blogs on this site, but this one really captured my attention. I think it roped me in because I personally could relate to your topic. Great job! It definitely put a smily on my face.

  13. I absolutely can relate! This post is SO accurate of what UNCW students, and even some professors, go through! It can be extremely frustrating at times but I really like how you mentioned at the end that the system does the best it can and we just have to deal with it. I always love when articles end on a positive note and don’t completely bash their subject matter!

  14. I love this post and the use of humor that you used to get your point across. Not only is the subject matter relatable it is also funny. In my opinion the two best ways to get noticed and remembered. Also a huge plus for using The Office and and Supernatural!

  15. I loved this post because of the humor used and how easy it is to relate to. I think that the GIFs and different memes used were perfect and it catches people’s attention. On social media websites, blogs similar to this (a numerical list with animation related to each) are very popular and shared often. I love it!

  16. This topic is all too (painfully) relevant. It should be noted that when buying your parking pass, don’t wait until the semester has already started to get it… That’s how you get stuck shuttling to campus from the Taco Bell parking lot every day. I really enjoyed your use of humor and GIFs that gave it a “BuzzFeed” kind of feel, but the GIFs began to feel a bit excessive towards the end. Overall an enjoyable read and relatable topic that caught my attention instantly and kept it throughout the whole article.

  17. Loved reading this post! This article was relatable in so many ways, and I’m sure that every student here at UNCW can recount their experience with at least one (if not more) of these situations. I found it to be reminiscent of Buzzfeed articles which I enjoy reading from time to time, and I appreciate the fact you picked a topic that was applicable to our campus specifically. This definitely applied back to IMC while still giving readers a good laugh, great job!

  18. This article immediately stuck out to me because I enjoy lists and I enjoy fun memes. I’m a visual person so I like to have a picture associated with each bullet point. Even the title of this post pulled me in. I also appreciate the usage of relevant memes that most people can relate to and enjoy from shows such as The Office and Spongebob Squarepants. Almost everyone can relate to the parking issues on campus and agree that it is not only an annoyance, but a real problem. The fact that disobeying parking rules can hinder a student’s ability to graduate speaks volumes to what the university focuses on. You even acknowledge the other side and note that parking can be lenient at times, the key to a good argument. Your post perfectly illustrates how everyone feels about this issue through humor and visual representations.

  19. This was hilarious! Majority of UNCW students can relate to this topic, one that can make a basic conversation turn quickly into a rant. As a visual person, your post stuck out to me with the numerous gifs. The message had a nice breakdown with visuals. Many people are familiar with the format, such as reading an article on Buzzfeed, which was a plus. The ending summary and message for reflection was also a plus.

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