10 thoughts on “The Power of Habit: Chapter 1 & 2

  1. Interesting pictures! The first thing that came to mind after reading through the charts was strangely gym memberships. In my thought processes, I think people who don’t have gym memberships get them because they see what people are doing on social media for their workouts. This inspires them to go to the gym and purchase a membership. Now that they are there and are working out, releasing endorphins (essentially getting a “reward”), and then come back to the gym for more. This keeps their membership going, the key point of advertising that was spread around on social media through word of mouth and testimonials.

  2. This process is interesting. I have always set goals to either enforce my habits or break them during the years. It shows the power of consumerism and demand for a product. Companies learn from these habits. And companies create products to nourish consumer needs.

  3. I have lately developed the bad habit of consuming to much caffeine. unfortunately I not a big coffee drinker this means I must rely on energy drinks to get my fix. I can certainly attest how difficult habits are to break especially when they yield a pleasing reward such as energy. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for smokers to kick their habits considering I find it difficult to lay off the red bull.

  4. Wow! I really like this post. Habits are so easy to form but sometimes they are also hard. I think that buying habits and eating habits are some of the easiest for us to form. I really want to form a habit with exercising but sometimes I fall off track and it takes me awhile to get back on. I need a craving for exercise!

  5. I think that this article is very interesting because it provides insight to the many habits that I myself have picked up over the years. I have programmed good habits into my routine such as regular exercise, while I have programmed many bad habits such as procrastination. Learning how habits are made can be very interesting when considering what habits you may want to eliminate such as smoking, or eating fast food.

  6. I really enjoy the imagery aspect of this blog post, which is something you rarely see. However, I would like to know a little background information just to see where these are coming from.

  7. The part of this post that found to be most interesting was the experiment performed on monkeys. At first, I was confused when trying to make the connection between the experiment and how advertisers or marketers use that information. It’s intriguing to learn about the “craving brain” and its need to have a sense of reward!

  8. In my opinion, using habit is a double edged sword. It all depends on context. With marketing, in some situations you would want to appeal to an ideal or a status quo. Something relatable and easy. You should also have a sense of when its appropriate to innovate, because appealing to habitual tendencies can be ineffective in some situations where the routine is tired.

  9. This is a very interesting collective of information. I always want to change, but I never truly know how to go about it. These diagrams really help me better understand my habits, which facilitates me making progress towards leaving my habits behind. Hopefully I can get rid of my procrastinating habit before finals!

  10. I really love the graphics you used. It made it super easy to see how forming habits can be super beneficial to one’s life. As someone, who is currently trying to diet, I can see why it can be so difficult sometimes. However you have also given me some ideas as to how I can try and make that process easier. Overall, great post!

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