Dreams Become Reality

Five years ago, I packed up my things and moved from my beautiful home town, Charlotte, NC to move to what has been my favorite place in the entire world since I was five years old. Wrightsville Beach has always been a place of peace, a place of serenity for me. When I was ten years old I found out that there was a university in town, and I knew that that was going to be where I ended up. When I turned eighteen, everyone began receiving their acceptance letters to UNCW, but mine was seemingly late. I got the news that I had been rejected and I felt like my world crumbled into a thousand pieces. Luckily, I am blessed with two amazing parents that slowly began to help me put those pieces back together. They sent me to Cape Fear Community College because they knew I wouldn’t be happy anywhere but in Wilmington. After one year of hard work, I got accepted into UNCW as a transfer student and I had no idea what I was in for. I was scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. I have encountered hardships and struggles and I have also experienced some of the most beautiful memories I could never forget. I have developed friendships with a group of the most amazing girls and I still have to pinch myself every morning I wake up to make sure it’s real. Calling them friends would be an understatement because they love me and respect me like I am family, a sister.

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Not only have I had the opportunity to have such amazing friends, but I have also had the chance to live in my favorite place in the entire world, Wrigthsville Beach. As weird as it sounds, I owe it to this beach for shaping me into the person I am today and for getting me through some of the hardest times over the years. It has been a place where I can go to find myself and figure out who I want to be and where my place is in this big world. I don’t know what my next step is and I can’t say I know where I’ll be in twenty years, but what I can say, is that this place will forever hold my heart and I could never forget or let go of my time here. These memories I’ve made are precious and I will carry them with me for the rest of my life.

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Yours Truly,


26 thoughts on “Dreams Become Reality

  1. Sloane,
    I feel like I can relate to this article in so many ways. I am a transfer student also and am originally from Charlotte. I have always loved Wilmington, but I was not able to begin my college career here like I would have wanted. I find the atmosphere here to be so much more laid back and peaceful. I feel like I have grown more in the past year at UNCW than I ever have before. Thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here at UNCW.
    -Cassidy Bailey

  2. What a beautiful blog entry! It is always nice to hear that transfer students have a good switch to a new school and that they feel welcome. I love Wilmington as well, yet I am excited to leave in December once I graduate, but I will forever hold this place in my heart just as you said it. It has brought me best friends, best memories, and best times!

    GO UNCW!!!

  3. I’ll be graduating in December of this year and I can already relates so much to these blogs. It really does go by faster than you think and Wilmington really is such a special place. Although we do work hard and have just as much to do as any other college student…we get to do it at Wrightsville! It definitely does have a charm about it unlike any other.

  4. This story is really encouraging. It’s a good life listen to keep trying, even when things don’t work out the first time. Congratulations with following your dreams and continuing to pursue your education in Wilmington.

  5. I can relate to your story because I myself was not accepted into UNCW at first. I ended up being accepted into the spring semester as an FYSA student. At first I questioned if it was worth it, but I soon realized that UNCW is where I wanted to be. I ended up living in Spain the first semester and then I came here and everything has been amazing since, I’m really happy that I decided it was worth the wait!

  6. I know how precious you have refuge because I have mine too! Very similarly, I used to go Han river in Korea whenever I came up with a lot of thoughts. Seeing the river gave me peace so I just sit down near there for few hours. I don’t own it but that’s the most compelling part of nature I think as I can go there when I want to. After I read your post, I became eager to see the river. I hope you don’t lose your refuge. Of course, that would never happen because the beach will stay there forever!

  7. I can definitely relate to your love of place. I grew up in Raleigh, but like you I always thought of Wrighsville Beach as a home-away-from-home and visited often. The decision to come to school at UNCW was easy for me. I really admire your perseverance and dedication to achieving your goals and I think its awesome how you’ve so naturally found your place here!

  8. I love hearing personal stories such as yours. I had different experiences. I did not want to be here, I had my heart set on somewhere else and was forced to go to my plan B which was UNCW. After settling in a finding some great friends, I could not imagine being anywhere else. With my senior year knocking on my door, I’m excited and terrified for what is ahead. Like you, I will be so sad to leave here but I will always keep the memories of my fun and exciting years in Wilmington.

  9. I really like your post because like you, I was also rejected by UNCW at first, and went to Cape Fear. My parents knew I would not be happy anywhere except Wilmington either, and I am so lucky to be here and to have met such great people!

  10. I could not agree with this post more. I have been realizing more and more lately that yes, education is the main reason one goes to college, but what has truly impacted me the most from it is finding out who I am as a person. I hope my memories from this town and all the relationships I have made here never fade and I never take how lucky I am to live here for granted.

  11. I can relate to this post because I also got rejected from my dream school and chose to attend UNCW instead. Unlike you, I cannot say Wilmington is the place for me. It is a beautiful city and I have made amazing friends and memories here, but about a month ago I received the news that I have been accepted into my dream school: North Carolina State University. So after this semester, I will no longer be a Seahawk, which is extremely bittersweet, but I can leave here knowing that UNCW was a chapter of my life that I’ll always hold close to my heart.

  12. This is a beautiful post. It’s so strange to me that people actually really wanted to go to UNCW because it was my dead last choice of seven schools and I was forced to go here because it was the only in state school I applied to. However, I have come to the same conclusions that you have. This school and this place of peace has changed me and shaped me. This school has become a dream because it is my reality. I appreciate everything you said.

  13. I loved your story. I was on the same boat as you when I had applied to schools. I didn’t get into any of my schools of choice and was very let down by it. Then I realized I could start at Cape Fear. I loved attending Cape Fear and was there for a year and a half before transferring. I was ready to transfer to UNCW, but just like you didn’t know what to expect. I was nervous and scared. When I came onto the campus I instantly fell in love! I love the campus and the atmosphere. Being in Wilmington has been such and amazing experience and I have met so many amazing people here. I would love to stay here as long as possible, however I will just have to see what happens after I graduate in a year!

  14. UNCW has truly been great to me within the past year and a half I’ve been here. I too was discouraged when not originally being accepted into UNCW. However, I was lucky to receive the opportunity of being a Spring Admit student. I really relate to this article. I too have met a whole new group of friends who mean the world to me, and I would do anything for them as they would for me. Also, Wrightsville beach is the best and a great way to clear your mind during a rough week.

  15. Sloane, I can relate to being disappointed with the initial letter from UNCW. I was accepted in the Spring, but not the Fall. First, I was confused and upset, but once you get to UNCW, nothing else matters. This place is definitely home, I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

  16. This blog post was uplifting and I feel a lot of people can relate to it as we have all faced adversity at one point or another. It is about how you respond to this adversity that does indeed shape you. I love how you knew exactly what you wanted and and worked hard to achieve it. These are the two biggest steps towards success that you can apply to the rest of your life.

  17. I love this post! I can relate to this in so many ways coming from a small beach town like Swansboro, NC. It’s pretty much a smaller Wilmington, which is why I chose this school. I never really had the opportunity to experience what UNCW had to offer until I took a tour here as a undergraduate transfer, but I instantly fell in love with the students and faculty staff in my department. Overall, this was a great read and reminds me of why I made the personal choice to come to this great university!

  18. Love your story, In ways it is similar to mine! UNCW was always my first and only choice when applying to college so when I got the letter that I was rejected I ended up going to UNC Charlotte. I was upset about it but didn’t give up and after making deans list my first year at UNCC I was able to transfer to Wilmington this year! So glad that things worked out for you!

  19. This article is so relatable on so many levels. Even if readers haven’t gone through the same process as you have, there are still so many things to relate to. For example, knowing that a school/place is destined for you, but then there’s a detour in the plans that you had originally made for yourself to get there. Sometimes, when life gives you an obstacle, you realize that maybe that wasn’t really want you wanted all along. But then sometimes, like for you, it shows you how much you want to reach your destination and that you will take the steps necessary to get there. I think this idea is applicable to so many aspects of life..great post!

  20. This is my story exactly! When I didn’t get into UNCW right out of high school, I was so upset. Thought I’d gotten into every other school I’d applied to, I couldn’t accept that Wilmington wouldn’t be my home. Now, after a year at Cape Fear Community College, I’m at UNCW and couldn’t be happier. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason!!!

  21. I moved to Wilmington at the age of 18 and fell in love. I am a Wrightsville Beach dweller as well and I agree, it has shaped me to who I am today. When everything gets chaotic in my life, I always have the ocean, the bay, the sunrise, the sunset. I have all of these beautiful encounters daily in my life and I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather be. Thanks to Wrightsville Beach, I am sane, I am okay, and I am living my life to the fullest!

  22. I love the support system you have not only with your friends but also your parents. I can only imagine how upset you were when you did not get admitted but having parents that are still wiling to help you make your dreams come true can make all the difference. I can relate to you to wanting to live in Wrightsville. I’ve lived here since I was ten years old, and I knew that I wanted to stay here and attend college.

  23. I also grew up with Wilmington as a go-to destination. Every year, typically more than once, my family would travel from Durham to Wilmington and Wrightsville. Those family vacations were the main reason I came to this school. Though I do not graduate for another full year, I am still already beginning to dread the notion of leaving this place. It really is a magical place.

  24. I really really enjoy this article. I know what it’s like to not have things turn out the way I once wished. When applying to colleges, I didn’t get into my first choice schools. After coming to UNCW, however, I know that this is where I was meant to be and I have had so many amazing opportunities for my future since.

  25. I absolutely loved this short glimpse into a part of your life that you love so much. I wasn’t accepted to UNCW my first time around either…or the second time… but the third time proved to a charm. I had to go to cape fear for a semester too and once I was accepted I felt exactly as you described: “scared, nervous and excited all at the same time.” I am so happy I made the move to Wilmington from New Jersey and the beach will always be a part of me.

  26. As a sophomore, it is really encouraging to hear you speak in a confident and gracious manner about graduating. It is awesome to read about the love that you have for Wilmington and how this place has impacted your life. I think it’s an exciting time because the possibilities remain endless, even when you’re not in college anymore.

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