Goodbye UNCW!

I cannot believe my five years of college is over (four at UNCW). It has been an amazing ride with ups and downs, but I would not change a single thing.

My college career started at Coastal Carolina in Conway, SC. After realizing I spent the majority of my first semester at UNCW with my older sister, I decided it was time to transfer. My family always told me, “You’re following in your sisters footsteps.” I guess that is partially true- same school, same major, same “concentration” but my experience was completely different.

I joined Chi Omega my first semester at UNCW, Fall 2012. It was one of the best decisions I made at UNCW. I am still friends with the same group of girls from the beginning to now. We have all seen each other at our bests and our worsts, helped each other through break-ups and now applying to jobs. If you are reading this and you are conflicted between joining and sorority or not… I would definitely give you the advice to join. Not only are you surrounded by amazing, smart, and kind people, but you are also given amazing networking opportunities. If you want to be a leader on UNCW’s campus, meet life-long friends, involve yourself in amazing volunteer experience and service, join a sorority- any sorority on UNCW’s campus and you will have the same experience.

I can honestly say I found my life-long best friends at UNCW and within Chi Omega.


My first semester at UNCW I switched majors and found myself in Communication Studies. My family had a different reaction about the major, since my older sister completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies at UNCW, they knew the amazing opportunities this major can offer students. I honestly could not see myself in another major (as cheesy as that sounds). The professors, faculty and staff, and other students in the major are all dedicated to their students and fellow peers. The amount of work the professors and faculty and staff put into each student, whether it be during advising, mental breakdowns during finals, or apply to jobs your senior year- you know they care about each and every student. I think that is why I love(d) this major so much… I felt I had a second home within the Department.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you…. take every singe class you can. I only needed COM 400 this semester- but I filled my schedule with classes I always wanted to take. You have the opportunity to take interesting classes with amazing professors, might as well take advantage of that. Enjoy and do everything you can while at UNCW- join the clubs you want to, become friends with whoever you want, study abroad and travel around the world.

It’s a bittersweet feeling leaving UNCW in a few weeks, but the university, the Department of Communication Studies, and Chi Omega has prepared me for life after college.


-Erin Fouhy