UNCW Student Media Week

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This year is the first annual UNCW Student Media Week.  All the Student Media organizations are joining together to host events this week. From giveaways, live music, creative contests and more; there will be something for everyone!

The Student Media Board oversees all student media organizations. These include TealTV, Atlantis magazine, Hawkstream Radio, and The Seahawk newspaper.  They also support Flicker Film Society and the Photography Club.  These organizations will be showing off what they provide for UNCW this week. Student Media Week is the perfect way to showcase what they offer the UNCW community.

TealTV caters to any UNCW student who has an interest in production, broadcast journalism, and promotions.  The Seahawk is the official campus newsletter published online and in print. Atlantis promotes storytelling and photography by publishing a creative magazine once every term. Hawkstream Radio is UNCW’s webstreaming radio station featuring music, sports, culture and academic topics.  There is a student media group that is sure to fit the interest of any student.

These organizations help cultivate the skills taught in many communication studies classes.  COM studies courses prepare students for media, arts, business or any professional communication career.  Student Media groups allow students to turn what they learn in the classroom to real experiences.  They provide students hands-on experience through art, technology and publishing traditional and electronic media.  Student Media gives back to the campus because they publish content of the important moments of UNCWs history.  The goals of Student media are to teach students strong leadership skills, ethical practices and professionalism.

Come out April 11th through the 16th for events hosted by these organizations — click “Interested” or “Going” on this event and follow individual organization’s social media pages for updates!

All information about Student Media was found on their website (here) and facebook pages.

-Madeline, Tiersa, Sydney W., Sydney S.