Organizing your Bookshelf, or rather, your Facebook

I’m sure we’ve all heard it. What goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet. With the ever expanding magic of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to connect and share. Facebook is still the baseline for social media though, and just about everyone in this day and age is expected to have one. Companies use it as a place to sell their products and answer customer question. Students have been told to watch what they put on their Facebook in case employers do a search for them online. So what’s the best way to utilize this media? Here’s a few tips for students looking to clean up their Facebook.


  1. Those joke like pages? The ones that post links to random website and repost old memes? Go ahead and comb through them and get rid of them. I get it, I get it. They were funny when we were in high school or middle school, but all I’m saying is “I go slightly out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf” is not doing you any favors in the job market. It’s hard and we’re all dreading doing it, but having a concise likes page can help employers scout you and see whether or not you’re a good fit for the company. Who knows, you may spark a conversation in the interview because you and the interviewer have some eccentric mutual likes!
  2. Political Bias (Especially for media hopefuls) Now I know that it may be hard because Aunt Joe keeps posting that thing about the candidate you don’t like, or because friend A from way back when is being stupid about voting, but a cleaner, more neutral page can go a long way for you. Express your views in the “About” or “Likes” section, not your actual profile. This is ESPECIALLY true for anyone who wants to go into media i.e. reporters, anchors, TV or news in general. You absolutely cannot have any political bias if you are expected to be unbiased.
  3. Go through your photos. Untag as necessary.
  4. Generally unclutter your profile. This includes that funny about section you wrote as a kid, those hilarious quotes from 2008 movies, and any “funny” religious or political views you and 1,000 other people have chosen. Be professional. Which brings me to the last tip.
  5. Be professional. No, this is not LinkedIn, but potential employers will still be looking at you. Have fun, but have tact as well. Don’t flame your friends or be rude or lewd. You can stay in touch with your friends and have a fun Facebook experience while refraining from incriminating yourself on the Internet.

Finally, a rule of thumb; If you wouldn’t want your sweet little Mom to see it, DON’T PUT IT ON THE INTERNET.


Someone WILL find it, someone WILL save it, and it will be on the Internet forever. So make sure you keep your Facebook just as clean as your resume, because you never know who might be looking.

And please, please stop sending me game requests.

-Allen, Lane, and Austin