Instagram’s New Update

When using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, scrolling to the top you have immediate access to the most recent feed. As these networks have gained popularity this has started to change, it’s not so much based on a timeline but on popularity.

More than a year ago, Facebook changed their algorithm and Instagram is right behind them. In the past few days, Instagram bloggers, models, and celebrities are posting pictures stating to allow notifications when they post. You probably thought, “What is going on? They are just doing this for likes.”


According to USA Today, the new algorithm is designed to display pictures differently. When this new algorithm goes in place, pictures will display based on the people you search, the photos you comment and like, and what content you would like the best. As Bustle said, Instagram will will show you the photos it thinks you like, rather than chronological order, which everyone is used to.

So.. why does this matter? This new algorithm will actually help you and surprisingly, you will probably like it. Most people are not on their phones 24/7 and miss the majority of posts. Instagram is understanding your likes and dislikes, making sure you, the consumer, can see the posts that truly matter to you. Yes, that does sound creepy. But, you will never miss your favorite food account, blogger, and yes #MCM or #WCW post ever again.

But, hold on. This is not happening all at once. Do not expect a change tonight or even tomorrow morning. Instagram revealed the new algorithm last month and your feed is still in chronological order. When this does go in place, you can allow notifications for all your favorite Instagram accounts and celebrities, even giving them more likes (which everyone wants… secretly).

Are you surprised about Instagram’s new algorithm? Do you hate it, like it, or eh who cares? Let us know your thoughts below!

-Caitlin R, Megan S, Erin F, & Sarah G
References: EntrepreneurVanity Fair

One thought on “Instagram’s New Update

  1. I think the reason why more than a few started to quit and dislike Facebook is it became so complicated. It produced a lot of advertising pages pretending to be informational or humorous pages, which in turn lead to preventing people from watching their friends’ news. Facebook was interesting first in that we could communicate with each other, sharing our private news. But it turned into a platform to be lightly consumed. Sadly, Instagram has started to follow Facebook. I think the first objective of using Instagram is the same with Facebook: sharing daily lives. By using Instagram, we can watch friends’ today no matter how they are popular. But we might miss them if the algorithm is applied. That is not we want. I want Instagram not to make itself complicated and disorganized. We love simplicity and it means we can watch pictures chronologically as they are uploaded.

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