Choose a Spot and Take a Break

It is no secret that our school is beautiful. From sitting in the rocking chairs outside of the Clocktower Lounge, to laying in the sun in the University Suites courtyard, this campus provides numerous “favorite” spots for everyone. The multitude of trees and other greenier around the residential areas are practically calling students to set up their hammock and stay a while.

I mean, who doesn’t love an afternoon in an eno?


With spring finally here, the flowers are starting to bloom and the temperature is perfect! The cold weather is gone and the piping hot weather has not hit us yet so the opportunity to take advantage is now. If you don’t have a hammock the library, amphitheater, and intramural fields are also popular spots for enjoying the sun.

Although the intramural fields are closed, once reopened they are perfect  for a nice evening enjoying a game of pick  up soccer, or watching your friends in the flag football tournament.  The fields also provide a wonderful view of the skies during sunset:


As we approach the end of the semester, make sure you find what spot helps you study or take a break and de-stress. Final exams are coming quickly and we will all need a moment to relax and give our minds a rest if only for a moment.

Already have a favorite spot on campus? Share in the comments below.

-Madeline, Tiersa,  Sydney W, Sydney S.