Spring Promotions

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. For businesses and other organizations, spring offers several opportunities for promotions. While there are at least three opportunities in every month of spring, we’re going to narrow it down to the best opportunities for the months of March, April, and May.

March is a big month for promotions with events like March Madness, Winter Closeouts, and Easter. While these are all great inspirations for your next promotion, the best opportunity comes when school lets students out of school for an entire week. That’s right, spring break. Spring break is something everyone from the ages 4 to ages 22 and older look forward to. College students flock to the shores and families take vacations. This is a big event for tourism. Hotels, bars, and recreational places are presented with the perfect chance to offer specials that attract the vacationers. What this really does is open the door for place or city branding to occur. Place branding is when a city or town uses SpringBreakpositioning to market itself a certain way in order to attract a specific target audience. In the case of spring break, cities like Panama City, FL position themselves as a party spot that attracts college students to come spend the week with them. Whereas Orlando, FL has branded themselves as a family vacation spot due to the recreational attractions such as Disney World and Universal Studios.

April offers a very specific opportunity for organizations to foster business to businessEarthDay11 relations as well as enhance public perception. This opportunity is Earth Day, held annually on April 22nd. With an emphasis on going green, offices can make the switch to more eco-friendly office materials, production companies to eco-friendly supplies, whatever fits the need of the company. Spring cleaning to cleaning up the environment. In doing so they are able to partner with a supplier that offers these materials, developing new B to B relations. As this occurs, depending on how publicized the switch is, perceptions will likely be positively enhanced.

May has several holidays often used for many different kinds of promotions. Mother’s Day is an important occasion that retail and restaurants both take advantage of for sales promotions. Retail stores use this holiday as an opportunity to promote special products for children, grandchildren, and even husbands to give as presents. Restaurants utilize this holiday as an opportunity to offer specials for family lunches or dinners only on Mother’s Day.mothers-day-2

There are many more promotional opportunities throughout spring, but these three events hold a lot of potential for organizations to take advantage of. While you’re out and about, enjoying the spring weather, be sure to keep an eye out for all the great promotions!

-Austin, Jonathan, & Kaela