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spring semester

Its that time of year again when the flowers start blooming and the weather gets warmer. That’s right, spring has finally sprung. Before you go running to get your bikinis and flip flops out, remember that the semester doesn’t stop just because the weather is nicer. It is important to remember to stay focused and not lose sight of the rest of the semester. Here’s a list that we gathered from some helpful websites that give you advice on how to properly stay focused during these next couple of months!

  1. Quit trying to multitask

This basically means to stop trying to put a million different assignments on your plate at once. For each assignment, take it on by itself to ensure that it will be quality work with no distractions.

  1. “Chunk” your work

Being organized when completing assigned work is crucial. By categorizing assignments or tasks and breaking them up into smaller sections makes them seem less intimidating and is easier to start. Creating “chunks” of sections that need to be completed by a certain time is also helpful when trying to finish any sort of task.

  1. Offer incentives

Part of being a human being is wanting an incentive for completing a task or an assignment. You can add this to your studying method by setting goals for yourself once the task is completed so all of your hard work will have seemed to pay off.

  1. Create the right environment

For some people, being around a large amount of people during their study time can get distracting. If you are one of these people, create a quiet environment for yourself whether it is in your room, the library, or a coffee shop. Listening to music can also be beneficial to drown out any outside noise that could effect your concentration. The biggest tip in this area for our generation is to turn off or put away any electronic devices that do not need to be used during your studying. Even if it is for thirty minutes, turn your cell phone off to avoid any possible distraction so you can get things done faster!

  1. Take a break if you need to

Sometimes after hours of cramming or reading over notes it can become overwhelming. When this happens, take a break! Having breaks in between hours of studying or working on assignments is completely okay and is recommended if you feel like you are starting to slip away into another day dream. Close your notebook or laptop and go step outside for a couple of minutes to gather your thoughts.

  1. Cardio

Did you know that cardio activities actually are beneficial to memory and concentration? Whether it’s a walk around campus or running to the gym, any sort of cardio will only help benefit studying.

  1. Sleep is essential

This is a tip that most parents have been saying since we were young, but don’t realize how vital it is until college! Having the right amount of sleep is imperative for concentration for any sort of task in life, especially academics. Make sure to take care of your body and make it a priority to get the right amount of sleep!

Do these tips sound helpful to you? What are some of the ways you plan on staying focused this spring semester? Let us know!

-Addison, Sloane, & Pauline


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