Spring Cleaning: Social Media Style

Flowers, rose. Beautiful, pink bouquet in the pot


As college students, we start maturing and realizing everything we post on social media is there for everyone to see. This includes friends, family, and future employers. As important as it is to do Spring cleaning around the house, it is also important to do this on social media. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on your social media Spring cleaning.

  1. If you haven’t done this before I would advise to google your name to see what images come up. This might seem weird to do at first but is important to see what is out there when your name is searched.
  2. Go through your pictures on both Facebook and Instagram. Delete pictures that you do not think reflect yourself well. Also, go through your Twitter and other sites for anything you have written that could be considered inappropriate.
  3. Change your settings to private. If you have not already done this, go change it now.
  4. Scroll through your friend list and unfriend anyone who you do not know personally. I know it seems cool to have over 1,000 friends but it is a good idea to trim it down to specifically who you know.
  5. Go through all social media outlets and clean out the clutter by removing inactive and spam profiles.
  6. Make your profile pictures look professional! It’s the first look an employer gets of you do you want it to count!
  7. Clean up the comments that are posted on your photos and shared posts.
  8. Make sure to add LinkedIn and Twitter to your social media outlets.

As college students, professionals are examining your social media presence. You want to make a good first impression and sometimes your social media profiles can ruin that.

Are you going to Spring clean your social media profiles? Let us know below!

-Caitlin R, Megan S, Erin F, & Sarah G

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