Hello, It’s Spring

We have made it to spring! The weather has started to warm up and the pollen is out. For us Wilmington students, the warm weather means what? BEACH! Not that the cold weather ever kept a few Seahawks from enjoying a nice walk on the sand, but 70 and 80 degree weather means tank tops and sun tans.

While the week before spring had better beach weather for us than this week, rest assured that as final exams approach, the warm weather will too and we will all need to take a moment to release the end of year stress that only Wrightsville Beach can help us release. One of our bloggers had the opportunity to grab some donuts and hit the sand last week.


“As I prepare to graduate, one thing I wish I would have done during my time here is take advantage of attending a school so close to the beach. I plan on making that up with the remainder of my time here.”

If the beach isn’t your style, check out the waterfront downtown. Nothing beats strolling through the shops with a nice cup of Kilwin’s ice cream. There’s also plenty of new places opening up every month.  Not too long ago Beer Barrio opened up. One of our bloggers went there and said it is definitely her new downtown go-to.  It has a cool, laid back atmosphere that is unlike many of the traditional downtown eateries.  And who doesn’t love a place with a wide selection of beer and Mexican!?


Wilmington in the spring has so much to offer with its great atmosphere and beautiful weather. Coming up is the Azalea Festival in April. It’s one the biggest events held every year downtown and more information can be found here. Snoop Dogg will be performing this year so be sure to check it out!  Another event coming this April is Wilmington’s annual Wingfling!  Don’t miss out on live music, wings, beer, and much more April 16th.  More info on that can be found here.

Spring in Wilmington is unlike anywhere else.  With festivals, great surf, and fun events, this season is sure to be a great for all family and friends in Wilmington. We hope you all have a fantastic first week of Spring!

-Tiersa, Madeline, Sydney W, Sydney S.


One thought on “Hello, It’s Spring

  1. Great blog! The Azalea Festival will be very entertaining this year to say the least, I’m excited to get the opportunity to see one of my favorite old school entertainers (Snoop Dogg). It’s so nice to have a university that has a lot of exposure to different markets, brands, and restaurants to truly get the Wilmington beach-like experience when visitors come to see what Wrightsville Beach and downtown Wilmington have to offer. The biggest thing I’m excited for is WingFling since I have a roommate who’s actually putting the event together so it’s nice to see what perks and treats they’ll have once the event kicks off! I encourage anyone who lives in the area or may be a student at UNCW or CFCC to attend both events! (WingFling/Azalea Festival)

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